More news stories about UFO sightings on New Year’s Eve: Virginia, Florida & Oregon

UFO Sightings in Virginia January 1, 2014
On New Year’s Eve, many people in Ashburn, Virginia witnessed bright orbs of light in a triangle formation hovering in the night sky. The exact same “orb triangle” UFOs also appeared in California that same night.

UFO Sightings in Cape Coral, Florida January 1, 2014
On New Year’s Eve, people all across the country reported seeing strange lights and craft in the night sky. The same UFOs were also seen in Cape Coral, Florida.

UFO Sightings in Oregon January 1, 2014 

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  1. I saw the same Type of UFO, on new years eve 12.16pm. United Kingdom, Manchester area. Once i got the camera it had gone sorry guys.

  2. so many people seeing this on new years night. makes me wonder if this is the year of many more mass sightings and even revealings!

  3. what is a "orb triangle"? the definition of orb is a "sphere"-which is ROUND-is this a "sphere/triangle",a ROUND TRIANGLE?…just curious

  4. Oh FFS !! It was new years eave. People are are setting off lanterns, many now come in many shapes and sizes. Some even &#39;UFO&#39; shaped. <br /><br /><br />Please Please Please will people stop posting videos of effing Chinese lanterns !!! It takes the piss out of all us who know and have seen the real thing. I really do wonder if the debunkers are now posting and promoting on mass, the

  5. It wasn&#39;t a lantern as i saw many lanterns at the same time, what i saw pluses white orange glow, it moved up down side ways. What lantern moves at that speed! Its wasn&#39;t a helicopter or planes my husband saw it to and he is a trained solider of 13 years. He has seen many ufo whilst he was in Afghanistan to. He done 4 tours. Get with the picture and accept UFO&#39;s are real

  6. MAYBE ALIENS CELBRATE THE NEW YEAR ALSO LOL . definately ufos in the 3 videos as one commentor stated maybe this is the year of startling evidence ? maybe our governments will speak the truth let mankind know they are true been here many many centuries just more attuned into them since roswell &amp; spiritual also not on a religeous sense but more of an awakening .

  7. Hey I saw a star like object in Thornburg Va. on New years Eve at about 10:30 PM coming back from a movie. We saw this same object on Jan.3rd. 2012. read my account on the MUFON web site from Partlow, Va. I&#39;ve been watching for this object ever since. This is stranger than just seeing a bright star. Craziest thing that has ever happened to me and my wife who was with me during the 2012

  8. Hi LoveSpace24. I totally respect and understand that what you saw was what you saw. I am not doubting you in any way and from what you say, it doesn&#39;t sound like a lantern. My gripe here is with the many obviously lantern vids being posted up as &#39;UFO&#39;S; . They are so obviously not and are easily identified as lanterns. Especially the vids filmed on new years eave! when thousands

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