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Your UFO reports: 28th December – 4th January 2014
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Barton, Oregon – 1/4/2014
I believe the light ball over Dorset is real because I saw the same light the night the crop circles appeared along hwy 26 west of Portland Oregon some years back. The light was so bright I thought it was a train along side the road at first, then it crossed over the freeway and followed power lines until I could no longer see it!

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Salem, Oregon – 01-02-14 6:20pm
Planet Nibiru or Large Planet sized Object
January 2nd 2014 While driving Southwest on 99E in salem, oregon at 6:20pm my self and my family could see throught light fog a large dark planet or planet sized object.

The sun had set around 4:30pm and we left the house at 6:15 or so. Its been very foggy here for about a month or longer. This night the fog was allot thinner and broken up in areas of the night sky. When i was driving down 99E I noticed a large eclipse like ring of light in the far western sky. We could see that it was a large black ish with orange looking planet or object with the sun lighting the bottom and up the sides giving it a eclipse type of a look. Even with the fog you could see a texture or design on the surface. This was big and hard to miss, I would say if i held up and orange in front my face about and a foot away that would be how large this was in horizon. We could see it the for about 10 minutes untill the fog covered it again.

When we got back home arond 7:45 i grabbed the ipad and checked the star map to see where the moon was currently and what planets may me in that section of the sky. If i was reading the star map correctly the moon was in the east and under the horizon and not visible in our area yet. The next to closes object in the direction is the planet Uranus.

Hopefully the sky will clear up soon as I will be going out to look for it again and hope to get some pictures or videos if possible.

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Dillon, MT – 1/2/2013 1:15 pm
I was driving south through town and noticed an airliner that had recently passed over the Dillon VOR headed southeasterly. It was a larger get, with a strong contrail. Paralleling the airliner, like a shadow, was a silver object about half the size of the jet. Like it was flying a long formation, probably about a quarter mile behind and at about a forty five degree angle. It looked to be the same altitude, was matching the airliners speed, but made no contrail at all. It was far enough away, I couldn’t determine a shape, at one point it shined up, and looked like one of those futuristic sleek, biplane, ring looking toy planes, but only briefly. I thought it strange that it was producing zero contrail, flying parallel in speed in altitude to an airliner producing a strong contrail. I watched until it disappeared over the horizon. Thought it was worth reporting, no other object present. Just the airliner, and smaller silver chaser. Sky was sunny, and mostly clear.

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Over Agawam/Westfield Massachusetts starting in the southwest headed toward the southeast –
1.1.2014 12:40ish
I had been sitting in my car after coming home, I looked up and saw what appeared to be a very far away plane (you know, when they look like stars?) But it appeared to be red and blinking/glowing un-uniformly, I looked down at my phone for a moment, then looked back up and realized I was seeing the “plane” come from the exact same spot again. I stepped out of the car to see 30 or 40 of the EXACT SAME glowing, star-shaped lights, going on the EXACT same path, as if they were on a track or a string and then just disappearing without a trace in the EXACT SAME spot, as if there was a tear in the sky they went through, like to another dimension. They were bright, and then just GONE in the EXACT SAME spot. They all just…followed each other perfectly.

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Rio Rico, Arizona – 1/1/2014
More footage which indicate intelligent movements of the strange lights over the U.S two days after the California sightings!


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Camarillo, Ca – 1-Jan-2013
Red orbes or lights on new years day around 12:40 am


Chandler, Arizona – 31/Dec/2013
Group in a car stop to record a static triangle hovering in the sky over Chandler Arizona on New Years Night.


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Newport Beach, CA – Dec 31, 2013, 1:30 pm & 1:30 am
Filmed this on New Years Eve Dec 31, 2013 from Newport Beach CA. I noticed the first object high up and it appeared to be three orbs rising together. Throughout the sequence the objects change shape and light up. At 0:52 you can the see the object and lights changing shape clearly. Motion tracking and digital zoom applied.

Later that night I noticed interesting activity as well. The first shot shows a single orbs flying thru the sky and then a second orb coming into frame. From there the lights start strobing and flashing very fast. I shot a number of photos at the end of the video. It was hard to tell if it was one or multiple objects moving thru the frame.

Thanks again for your consideration! If you’d ever like to do an exclusive on your blog please let me know. I always send you any new capture first!

Youtube video link:

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Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia – 30th December, 2013, 12.38pm

UFO Descends over the residents of Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia at 12.38pm, 30th December 2013.
This UFO was spotted heading north-west approximately two kilometres north of Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia.

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California U.S – 30/Dec/2013
New stunning video showing a triangle UFO caught over California on a 16mp Camera! 30/Dec/2013

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Rome, Italy – December 24th 2013
This is the weirdest thing my girlfriend and me have ever recorded.i´ve called ufo as for sure it wasn´t a bunch of birds,insects fireworks or just smoke.

Youtube video links:

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Temecula, CA, U.S – 11/11/2013
This amazing sighting happened at night over Temecula C.A, It show two airborne objects keeping a static possition over the rooftops of the area start to move slowly together ending in them merging together!

There have been many reports to us and other organizations of lights in the sky of C.A that are intelligent in minouverability and speed doing things objects we have cannot do.


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Bratislava, Slovakia – 11. 06. 2013, 17:32
I have filmed wormlike “Sky Serpent” / “EBANI” object in the Bratislava City, Slovakia, Central Europe 11. 06. 2013, see Youtube link:
Between 0:53 – 1:11 min of the video there can be seen small dark objects circling around / appearing / disappearing in the proximity to the object. In the 1:33 min of the video object “simply” vanishes from the sky (must be watched in slow motion / frame by frame and zoomed).
Original video file for the independent analysis:
After my sighting I have searched the internet and I have found references to the sightings of the similar / the same objects in the following documentary / lectures: (the sighting of the same object is documented / described between 36:48 – 38:43 min of the documentary)

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Ocean Springs, MS – 8/13/2012
It was a gold ball about 2cm if you measured it from were I was I do live by an air force base but going to slow for jet and to big for weather balloon I’m not sure if it was extra terrestrial or not.

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Bratislava, Slovakia – 09. 2010, 21:30, 10. 2010, 22:30
In 09. 2010 pink-yellow-orange color glowing orb was sighted in Bratislava, Slovakia, Central Europe by two independent observers from a short distance (first one standing just under the orb hovering 100-150m above the ground, second one observing the orb from the 6th floor / 350m distance). The Orb suddenly started to glow (glowing reminded a kind of chemical reaction or welding effects) in the night sky (ca. at 21:30) above the residential area of the town and was just noislessly hovering for couple of minutes at one point. Then the orb started slowly and intermittently to move in horizontal direction, simultaneously with the incerasing of the orb speed its glowing intensity started to decrease. The orb subsequently accelerated to very high speed in couple of seconds and overflew in low altitude (it flew horizontaly from the point of its hovering) above the Bratislava city center in the South-West direction. The orb acceleration and its flight was completely noiseless and accompanied by bluish flashes (it reminded electrical discharges). Since the orb flew in the low altitude over the town, it was possible to observe the color and the shape of the object dimly illuminated by the city lights. The flying object was dark colored, with “diamond shape” silhouette and with roughly estimated size of a big bus. Two, the same flying pattern (high speed, bluish flashes, noiseless flight), but smaller objects were observed once again in 10. 2010 (ca. at 22:30) from relatively close distance (500-1000m). The objects one by the other steeply and in high speed descended from the sky and then flew horizontaly 150-200m above the ground in the north direction just across the M. R. Stefanik Bratislava international airport runway. Time distance between the single flying objects was aproximately 10-15sec, the second object was refering to its speed and flying path perfectly copying speed and path of the first object, objects were again moving absolutely noiselessly. During the 2010-2011 season many other single / double / multicolor UFO orbs were sighted and recorded in the Bratislava – Wienna – Neusiedlersee area, number of the UFO orbs sightings decreased after the unmarked black helicopters and huge low-flying and noiseless airplane flying out of the standard airtraffic corridors were sighted in the area. All recordings were submitted to the slovak TV JOJ channel, slovak ufologist community was informed via reputable slovak ufologist Mr. Karlik.

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Central Oregon Bend/Tumalo – 8-9pm?
This was approximately 5years ago. Obama was giving his inaugural address, West coast time. We live on a small farm, bordering other small farms and BLM. I was looking out my back porch window, and thought I noticed a helicopter distantly descending, but there was no sound. I turned out the lights and went out on the back deck to see if I could hear it. It seemed to then descend down toward the far side of our large pond, and just hover there with no sound. It looked like a beautiful light, clear, but swirling with color, almost like a diamond would. Then, it very quickly moved horizontally to the right, down the hill on the other side of the pond,joining another one just like it, and almost fleeing away through the trees. It was DEFINITELY not a Chinese lantern, or those balloon things you fill with fire and release to let float away. I’ve seen those. From far away, they could look similar.
My first reaction that it was some kids with remote control helicopter. The best I a have settled with now, is some type of smaller drone testing. Its a future business market for private and government use. This State is vying for a place to be in that test market. I’m still curious to see what others come up with. One of the sightings reported in the recent California sightings sounded like my experience. I’m very interested if they come up with another explanation.

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north highlands over Mc Callen Airbase – 1991
My brother were sitting on my patio in my upstairs apartment talking and it was around ten or eleven at night and the thing zipped across the sky down at patio level and the lights were bright to hovered over the airbase moving back and forth then real still within moments it shot straight up and was gone. We were freaking out I was astonished and amazed. We went back inside and the news came on and stated they had several calls about it and they said not to worry about it, that it was simply and weather balloon. I still think about it even twenty two years later..

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