New Study – Milky Way Has Billions of Earth-Like Planets!

Scientists studying data from the Kepler Space Telescope released a new study in November of 2013. This is a really big story, but it got almost no coverage at all from the mainstream media. People need to see this.

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  1. when mankind acknowledges he is not alone, collectively, he will truly jumped out of the trees. there are many of us everywhere.

  2. Back in the late 70's just under 40 years ago we had no knowledge of planets surrounding stars outside of our solar system. In the next 40 years I'm sure we will know for certain the location of habitable worlds other than our own. The distances involved to get to these new worlds will be too vast for any human to travel there unless we discover new methods of propulsion that exceed the

    • It is theoretically possible to build a warp drive similar to the one on Star Trek, which can take us across the universe in seconds, or building a wormhole is also theoretically possible. Never say never, we can definitely get it done, it appears some beings already have.

  3. Actually, the Japanese has had the technology to exceed the speed of light along with others (they turned it on too) for decades. Just one of the many things that THE USA government feels its people do not need to know. Actually, we (the Earth) do not have to wait for very long to meet our neighbors…proof is in the putting. Just check out our 'mysterious' sightings and underground

    • haha, it's proof is in the "pudding". thanks that was funny! yes i don't think we have to wait long. so many more mysterious sights are being reported all the time.

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