Objects burns over Dillon, Montana 23-Jan-2014

A Dillon resident saw a huge fireball in the sky, just before 8 a.m Tuesday. Ruth Jackson of Dillon spoke to NBC Montana over the phone and says she had no idea what she was looking at, so she pulled over to take a photo.

“We were driving east on Helena St. in Dillon and the sun hadn’t come up yet but there was this bright thing in the sky and I said to my husband, ‘What is that?'” said Jackson.

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  1. The lady from Montana State University says we do not have enough information to determine what this is. And then she says for sure it not an extra terrestrial. If she has no info how can she say that? What a Fing idiot.

  2. OBVIOUSLY either a meteorite or space junk. It appears to be re-entering the earths atmosphere at about 90-125 miles above earth. It could also be as small as 3 in in diameter. These are seen all the time especially in areas where it is very dark. It was probably viewable in area of 500 miles in all directions…no big deal, we observe these at the institute multiple times a week

    • At the institute? What institute would say this is a meteorite, when a meteorite is an object that has already hit the Earth, you mean a meteor? If this was a meteor, there would be no time to photograph it, it's not going fast enough to be a meteor, you can see the flames, it looks like something falling, not streaking at high speed, the same with space junk, as that is in effect a meteor,

  3. I'm glad I didn't go to that institute. I worked at the planetarium for several years while going to college and taking several astronomy classes. A meteor, asteroid or any type of space junk travels very quickly through the sky. You do not have time to pull over to the side of the road, get out of the car and snap a picture. But hey you see this stuff all the time. If your not

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