Glowing orbs in a triangular formation over Santa Rosa, California 14-Jan-2014

New videos of a strange UFO activity in the sky above Santa Rosa in California. This was taken on 14th January 2014.

Witness report: Tuesday 1:00 AM in Northern California. This is the second time we’ve seen this. Three Glowing orbs in a triangular formation. It’s been happening between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am, some have been saying western, but I have been seeing them in the south east direction.

Author (UFODI @ youtube)

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  1. very nice catch !! Yes there is always a possibity they are terrestrial. This, to me, leans more to E. Terrestrial for many reasons. First, thank you for having a good camera and including surrounding references of you compared to the UFO's location. Second, the behaviour, such as how they are flying, is conspicuous. Lastly, I just can't see any other lights indicating human aircraft

    • I guess it will hard to get to even an hipotesis about extraterrestrial beings visiting us, in my opinion we should first try to quit thinking as humans..quite hard to do i know, but reviewing their crafts by our aircrafts, thinking we dont go around naked so they shouldnt too..and so on, that in my opinion doesnt take anywere..regards

    • I am so glad Anonymous &#39;knows&#39; that Aliens are not going to kill us. Have you seen the movie Mars Attacks!?<br />If these UFOs really are Aliens , the what is their agenda? Are they slow thinkers? If they have been around for thousands of years, what are they waiting for? And what arrogance to invade our air space , and our psyches, to what end? They certainly don&#39;t seem to be benign

    • I had to say I I said before, first we should not take &quot;human&quot; conclusions..always comes in my mind that if governs know all, well, one of the reasons they keep it secret might be &#39;cos they know &quot;them&quot; or some of &quot;them&quot; are hostile, and not having the resources to face &#39;em, better secret all, otherwise the panic..since I got to russia ufologists r

  2. Much better at handling the camera than most. Yes I too appreciate the calm intellect of the authors. I still wish, hope, pray for the day that the images of &quot;UFO&quot; are so close and so clear that they are indisputable beyond a reasonable doubt. Alas so far as I can see, with all the technology in today&#39;s world, we have still NOT accomplished this task.. Perhaps I could be the first?

  3. Well it was good to see someone who knows how to make a video without the subject bouncing around constantly, he held the camera very steady and didn&#39;t play around with the focus or the zoom, he just kept the subjects in frame and steady, it&#39;s really that simple folks. Although I wouldn&#39;t have minded if he attempted to zoom in to see if he could have gotten a little closer without

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