Strange UFO hovering above Oregon – 2014

ufos 2014
UFOs 2014 – New footage of an unknown craft in the night sky above Oregon.

Witness report: Great timing on the over flight working against less than optimum skywatching conditions. The first object in 2014 after weeks of inclement weather, cloudy and ice fog. Even shortly after this capture the fog inversion returned but not until we get to observe a silent object with changing light array move overhead.

Author (whotookmymojo @ youtube)

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  1. I cannot find any reference online to a plane with these unusual lights. If you look at the depth, there are more, less bright lights behind the glowing ones. The object is travelling across the sky, so on a normal plane, these lights would not be seen so well and would be either fading or disappearing. This sort of video should be examined more closely.

  2. Wow….very bizarre looking craft. Excellent filming. Most I see posted online are just dots in the sky and the person can't hold their camera still so the dot jumps all around the screen. Excellent job on this one.

  3. what was that super fast white light that went by right at 2:06? looks like it went through it or behind it. that thing is weird. why in the world would a ufo have a flashing red light, like a plane? super strange.

  4. Mojo rising ! This is the same UFO that Mojo has filmed on many different ocassions , it morphs into different configerations in some of his other videos. Check him out on You Tube

  5. I have been hesitating but here goes. I live in the south hills of Eugene Oregon and I see similar craft very frequently. Sometimes I see round shaped objects as bright as stars flying in formation mostly and night and sometime the get even brighter. Sometimes they suddenly disappear or slowly disappear and when I do see them they seem to appear out of no where. I also have seen some that where orange balls of light hovering very low in the neighborhood. What I am about to say is strange but what ever they are for some reason I feel they are telepathic. One night there was one hovering right above the stop lights on the corner of Hillyard and 30th at around 11:30 PM and I was going to Albertsons before they closed. I pulled into the parking lot and it was just sitting there and I thought for sure I was going to be able to just get out of the car and get a better view. Almost as if it had been reading my thoughts as soon as I opened the door it disappeared. What was even more strange is there were quite a few people walking around and I have no idea how they were not seeing what I was seeing. It seemed like some people looked at it but they were not shocked at all almost like they were in denial of what they where looking at or assuming it was some normal object which it most definitely was not. Sometimes in the day in the same area I see white ones that cannot possibly be planes because there is no exhaust, no sound and traveling way to fast sometimes stopping and disappearing. I do not know what is going on in the rest of Oregon but something strange is happening around the south hills area of Eugene One night I walked outside and a neighbor was smoking a cigarette looking at something intensely sure enough I saw what he was looking at and it was a ball of light bright a s star cruising down the street almost skimming the telephone poles. He did not say to me me hey do you also see that? He just shrugged his shoulders, flicked his cigarette and went back inside. To me that is just as strange as the object we were looking at. It is almost as if people are in complete denial. I have been with friends and they have seen them with me an dismissed them as satellites. When do satellites fly in formation and in the atmosphere. How big are satellites? can you see them with the naked eye and do they just appear and disappear out of no where? I know I am not going crazy. Tonight I saw three and at five this morning I saw one. It appeared out of no where bright as a star. It seemed like it could tell I was observing it because it slowed down for a while and then took off at incredible speed. WTF?

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