Triangle UFO filmed over Hollywood, California 8-Jan-2014

triangle ufo
UFO videos 2014 – New footage of a triangular-shaped craft hovering in the night sky above Hollywood in California. This was taken on Wednesday, 8th January 2014.

Witness report: I recorded this the other day, but didn’t realize it was so odd until reviewing the footage later. SO – it’s a UFO until someone can provide the make/model aircraft it is!

I’m not saying it’s aliens, but….. it’s government (pretty sure). Hence the flashing lights and the not-getting-shot-down-by-our-guys.

I’ve seen and filmed this same exact type of craft NUMEROUS times in Tucson, AZ.

Author (Sheilaaliens @ youtube)

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  1. My biggest question….if it's "one of ours", as is often said about the Triangles, why fly them over heavily populated areas, and not Area 51?

  2. how does it get weird at 33 seconds? hollywood you say, where there are all kinds of movie props and stuff going on with movies? hmmm….

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