UFO activity over Marion, North Carolina 6-Dec-2013

UFO videos – This interesting footage of a bright objects or orbs flying across the sky above Tom Creek Rd in Marion, North Carolina was filmed on 6th December 2013.


Witness report: Sparks and Molton metal falling from bright orbs in the sky!!!!
Witness Statement: Just got in from a trip,unloading luggage and saw this.Next video is a half mile down the street.They were in a series of three.A total of six sets.They would fade out and more would start up.Visiting my parents and know that where these started, there are not any access roads in that area.1/2 mile,maybe 3/4 mile away in hills going to the mountains.The very last one was huge,it started closer to the backside of a peak near me.I drove to the game warden’s house on the lake near by to check with him.Very strange.

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  1. it took 47 seconds to see the actual dots, and we didn't see any molten metal falling at all. the film was nothing, really. how did it get on here?

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