UFO or orb seen and recorded over New Orleans, Louisiana 26-Jan-2014

orbUnidentified flying objects or orb was seen and recorded in the sky above New Orleans in Louisiana. This was taken on Sunday, 26th January 2014.

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  1. First of all the object was never in focus, he kept it just out of focus to make it look larger. Second, it didn't move at all, maybe just very slowly like a star or planet would, he mentioned it was early morning and the only other object visible was the Moon. This is most likely Venus, it is bright enough to be seen when the sky has lightened a bit, and he also eluded to it being lower in

  2. right now Venus is a morning star, rising before sunrise. when you say you watched it for 10 minutes because you suddenly saw it, did it rise from the horizon, or just pop into the sky?

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