Strange flashing object hovering over Bronx, New York 3-Jan-2014

ufoLatest UFO sightings 2014 – This flashing light was hovering in the sky above Van Cortland Park in Bronx, New York on 3rd January 2014.
Witness report: I’m not sure what exactly it was that I photographed, perhaps a drone? It was there for at least an hour from just before sunset around 4PM, not sure of the exact time, on January 3, 2014. It was in the sky until well after dark over Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, NY. It may have been there longer, because I just looked up from my computer and there it was flashing toward my window. I didn’t film the whole time as I am recovering from a broken arm and it was difficult for me to keep holding the camera

Author (UFODI @ youtube)

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  1. If infact this object was in/around the same spot for hours, it's not a Drone. They have a limited amount of battery life and an operator would have difficulty keeping it in the same spot for extended periods. They can hover but generally not without movement to and fro due to turbulence and operator movements. Or so I've read and been told.

  2. Surely, with their technology, they don't need to use lights for anything. I think the blinking lights are for one thing: to make you look. One abduction victim said he could hear a telepathic communication saying, "hold still, keep looking at us" as he was observing the flashing lights. It has been reported that they use your optic nerve to enter your brain.

  3. Good video just recorded over New York City, but i wonder,¿ why on this case the US Air Force din´t send combat jets there where this UFO was flashing to find out what it was ? I believe the radars could take this odd thing in the New York sky. Well, questions without answers. Regards.

  4. how true your statement is, anon-5:19. it says that in my numerous books of ufology. this is a really great film. and very good and clear. the flashing/pulsing is spectacular!

  5. Thanks for sharing your sighting with us. The object/entity is very similar in shape and color to what my family & I saw in Oct last year. We witnessed it for only 5 min. Did you observe it as it left? Was there water nearby? Is there a pool or lake in the park?
    Your answers might help me in my own research.

  6. Looking at something similar right now from Jersey. Looks to be around, from my pov around 10-20th street over manhattan. just sitting there. 5:56 p.m. 11/28/14

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