UFO Organization Plans To Re-Investigate Tinley Park Lights

Allison Nettles discovered something not usual above her Frankfort home nearly 10 years ago. On October 31, 2004, her husband had just accompanied their three boys to bed when they saw three lights across the night sky with equal distance from each other. They found out that the illumination was very huge, moving slowly towards south, according to Nettles, 44. She could not tell if the lights were attached to one object or separated.

The couple was not alone in witnessing the UFO incident that became widely known as the Tinley Park Lights. Actually, there was a series of five sightings that night, being witnessed by hundreds of witnesses. The incident eventually attracted national interest.

History Channel’s “UFO Hunters” did an interview with Nettles in 2008. The sightings attracted her and other witnesses in the field of UFO investigation. Shortly after her revelation online, Mutual UFO Network Illinois director Sam Maranto contacted her, and she became intrigued by the MUFON’s investigation and eventually joined the team.

Just last week, Maranto told the audience during a meeting at the Orland Park Library that he will re-investigate the Tinley Park Lights in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the mysterious event. Moranto explained that their investigation is not about believing but research. He revealed that MUFON is looking for more investigators who will go through training.

UFO Hunters – Invasion Illinois

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