A UFO Nearly Crashed Into A Jet From Spanish Holiday Island

It is just common for pilot flying holidaymakers between Ibiza and Manchester to experience outlandish sights. However, captain of a Thomas Cook airliner somewhat encountered more bizarre than usual. Cook was flying tourists back from a holiday island in Spain to the north of England when he experienced a near collision with a UFO that passed within feet of his jet. The shape of it was like a rugby ball.

Aviation authorities received the report about the encounter above Reading, Berks. Investigation has been launched but authorities failed to establish the identity of the mysterious aerial object.

The encounter was disclosed by different news sites earlier in January, following the released on the inquiry report. The document, however, did not identify the aircraft involved.

After analyzing the flight data spread all over the internet, it can be established that it was a Thomas Cook plane with TCX24HX flight number. It was a 2003 A320 jet with the registration G-KKAZ.

The plane was flying from Ibaza to Manchester International airport on July 19, 2013. It was moving at 516 mph at 34,000 feet above the ground when it was passed by the mysterious aerial object.

The investigation report concluded that it was not possible to trace the UFO or determine the cause of the sighting. The captain pilot said he noticed the object moving towards the jet through the left cockpit window. He said that the incident created a “no time to react” situation for the aircrew. He told investigators that his immediate reaction was to duck the object as it headed towards him.

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