UFOs in the Horizon Over Andover, Massachusetts (Video)

On December 19, 2013, Thursday, four UFOs were observed by a witness above Andover, Massachusetts.triangle ufoFour mysterious lights across the clear night sky were filmed by a witness who had just came from work. He reported his sighting to Mutual UFO Network. According to the sighting report filed in MUFON, the witness saw the UFOs flying silently across the sky. Three lights formed a triangle and the 4th one positioned behind the triangle. For a while, all lights kept similar distance from each other. The witness claimed in his description that he observed military aircraft took off a mile from the airport and the four lights were travelling at slower speed and at a lesser altitude.

The witness further explains that more lights followed after the first four lights disappeared. He saw light after light come off the sky from north and traveled the same path and speed of the four initial lights. He estimated a total of 12 more lights that were around 30 seconds apart from each other travelling at a constant speed and eventually disappeared. He further estimated that each light lasted for about 75-90 seconds before it fully vanished.

Many have speculated that the UFOs were simply Chinese Lanterns. These lanterns are usually small balloons that could fly above by heating the air inside using a fuel cell. The typical characteristic of a sky lantern is that it has light that flicker a bit but does not blink which is consistent to the description given by the witness.

However, no official explanation has been released regarding the identity of the UFOs travelling across the sky of Andover on December 19, 2013.

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  1. I saw Chinese lanterns form a triangle this past new year's eve. But a few weeks ago I saw one light that looks just like chinese lantern but it was still. My neighbors were watching it and told me there were two of them alternating lights on and off.

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