Diamond-shaped UFO seen and filmed over Iztapalapa, Mexico 23-Feb-2014

ovniInteresting footage of a diamond-shaped object hoovering above Iztapalapa, one of the Federal District of Mexico City’s 16 boroughs, located on the east side of the entity. This was recordedo on Sunday, 23rd February 2014.

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  1. if this isn't a man-made remotely controlled and very large object, then it's an astounding piece of ufo film. there's no way this a balloon. no way. as you can see there is wind, and even if it was remotely controlled it would still be blown by a slight breeze. the object is on the straight and narrow. but the dogs could be barking at ANYTHING.

    • janet, at 1.02 the object turns on itself, looks like its showing the bottom side, u can see it's a pentastructure..kind of a diamond from downside..looks to me as it's actually moving as a diamond shaped balloon, even the speed matches..plus in yrs I learned video from mexico 90.9 % r fakes or just trash in the sky..I saw the heat released from the roads there makes flight almost

    • Just my thoughts. I suppose you could build some contraption like that, buuut – it would have to be stabilized, needed some kind of positioning etc, etc. Alternative: Computer-generated? What a lot of work would that have to be. By the way you'll find a similar video in the archives of JMHZ 71 from Columbia. In any case the thing leaves me baffled – what is it – and what the heck, is it's

    • hi giorusski. yes i can see the object turning around and upside down and such. when i said it's on the straight and narrow, that means it's travelling with a purpose, and even at one point it just turns 45 degrees and starts to go another way, while turning around in the sky. i really think it could be an alien craft. and yes road heat can make things move, but that high up? when he pans

    • ciao janet, I do agree this will be discussed long time, still this video doesnt convince me..just a feeling, since ive been investigating for yrs..as for my experience what i saw were sure not man made though, and sure must exist many kinds of ships, but this sight doesn't convince me..just let's keep checking the sky, cheers

  2. at first i thought, just another balloon on the loose. or maybe a box kite. but upon further observation, i noticed that the four distinct corners keep their same positions continuously. a balloon would've been moving all over the place. and i don't know of any kite flyer that can control a kite that smooth and straight. this object had a direct path it was traveling. soooo i give it a

    • I can't say for sure what it is, but I wish those people would let that dog loose, he's obviously trying to be with you guys. Consider the dogs needs too, please. All they want to do is please you.

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