Interesting footage of an unidentified flying objects over Rivoli, Italy 14-Feb-2014

Italy UFO

Submitted by: Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo – CUFOM

Sighting location: Rivoli, Italy
Date: February 14th, 2014
Report: UFO observed on the Rivoli, Italy

On February 14th, 2014 one ufo was observed on Rivoli, Italy. A person has taken some photo on which she has then detected some strange objects. The witness informed the UFO curious about the photo of the UFO Center Mediterranean (CUFOM), whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, received the image interesting post on the official site,, and alerted the specialists of the research center. The image analysts, have already completed their data analysis on the photos, which confirmed the presence of an object, that seems to be a flying saucer. On official CUFOM youtube channel it’s possible to find a video trailer about this interesting UFO sighting. In the same period, February 17, 2014, a similar object was observed in Medellin, Colombia. Forse è lo stesso oggetto (da tradurre). News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.


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  1. Does there exist any possible justification for the music that people add to their videos????<br />It is amazing how they always pick the most inappropriate tracks.

  2. I totally agree about the music. It&#39;s annoying and the sign of an eager amateur! Also top trying to influence me by showing superimposed objects etc. Let me make my own mind up. I say balloons!

  3. That&#39;s one thing which annoys me, and the other is the whole pompous make-up for a few photos that could have been easily faked. No video-cameras in Italy?

  4. I don&#39;t worry about the music, what makes me write is to ask, if there are people whothink this is not alien, what on earth do they actually think it is? If the pictures are not a hoax, judging by the distance, this object would be massive. Do we have anything that big to put into the air? Interesting video, poses many more questions.

    • we have b59 Superfortresses but those don&#39;t fly anymore. we have blimps but that&#39;s not what it was either. it&#39;s also shaped like a Stealth bomber but of course that&#39;s not what it was!

  5. just mute the music. in fact i mute every video that starts with music. if the people are talking i listen. it looks almost like that star shaped object a few videos back.

  6. … exactly, this video could have been 1/4 the length with a voice over and it would have been much more useful. A black screen with lights means nothing and crap music ads nothing.

  7. el fako pure strange square shaped whatever in the nights sky not our usual great ufo vidoes im on the fence with this one . sorry folks .

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