Triangle-shaped UFO caught on tape over Kiev, Ukraine 19-Feb-2014

triangle ufoNew footage of a triangular shaped unidentified flying object hovering in the night sky above Kiev in Ukraine. This was taken on Wednesday, 19th February 2014. 

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  1. this thing could be anything from a drone, (news drone, to capture the fighting there right now) to a nightlight down someone's hallway. there's nothing showing us where it is.

  2. No offense but this video is useless, the quality was poor, there was to much shaking, and it was never in focus. There's no way to tell what this was. Sorry.

  3. This could be as good as it gets, especially at night. It’s not as if there is a pre-arranged meet when the equipment best suited for this type of filming is at hand. I have seen similar first hand.

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