UFO Docks at NASA’s International Space Station

On February 5, 2014, a footage was posted on YouTube showing a UFO that docks at the International Space Station (ISS). The controversial video shows an apparent yellow UFO docking at the ISS for only more than two minutes. It further shows the earth rotating slowly at the background. It ends with blue screen mode. Many speculated that this only means NASA did cut the ISS live feed when their personnel noticed the UFO docking at the ISS. UFO enthusiasts suggested that the mysterious object is a genuine spacecraft of unknown origin based on its docking position.

The anomaly took place on 29th of January 2014 and it was transmitted by live camera feed of the ISS. NASA allows the general public to access the feed freely on the internet through Ustream. YouTube user Streetcap1 recorded the entire live camera feed but only part of it was uploaded to the video sharing site on January 29. It was on February 5, when Streecap1 uploaded the full camera feed to grant many requests by different users.

The full video shows a stationary UFO and seems to dock with the ISS. The size of the strange object can be easily estimated because it is clearly seen with the ISS. It is estimated to be 10 meters in length. Many viewers suggested that the UFO is not a lens flare, reflection, glare, or other kinds of camera anomaly because the UFO stays stationary while the earth slowly rotates.

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  1. Whatever it is it isn't consistent with the appearance of the stations exterior. Looks like a hollowed out tree trunk for a member of the alien bodyawi tribe…..

  2. There is no full video on Youtube from Streetcap1, where one could see how this thing appears, and if it really docks to the ISS. No wonder: "Streetcap1" sees ufos everywhere !

  3. During the dimming and brightening of the light, it is clear that the "object" is C-shaped, sweeping around to the other side of the Soyuz, although brightest below. It is clearly a reflection from inside the ISS, bouncing off a curved window through which a fixed camera is recording.

  4. its not the first time a ufo has been seen docked or very close to the space station i believe that these so called entities are either spying or in direct contact with world govts or maybe in control there of pulling the strings of what ever happens outside of earths orbit and we humans dont have much say in the matter .the truth WILL come out .maybe somebody like Gary Mckinnon who has also found the proof of this to be true…..

  5. If it was a real alien spacecraft, they wouldn’t have shown it to us. I find it much more interesting that someone or something gave a light signal there.

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