Two triangle UFOs filmed over Morelos, Mexico 14-Feb-2014

triangle ufos

UFO videos 2014 – New footage a two triangular crafts hovering in the night sky above Morelos, the second-smallest state in the Mexico. This was seen and recorded on Saturday, 14th February 2014.

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  1. look like two distinct flying objects, from the central part of the clip we can compare the speed with the pieces of walls on the roof, and they look really fast, people say they are close and landing..well, they look too fast and too stable close each others to be planes with pilots, my guess r drones..good interesting footage though

    • u might be right, didn t think bout kites..i even run two deltas,one is 3 mt wide..but didn t think of that..good idea 7evan..u might be right really..

  2. Maybe one of those planes pulling advertisement banners lit up to look like pool ball racks….. their right behind the eight ball, chalk up fellas and put a little English on it….

  3. I don't know why a UFO would have a blinking light on the right of it. Most are solid without blinking which seems to suggest a terrestrial vehicle.

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