UFO Enthusiasts Gather For The International UFO Conference 13-Feb-2014

It’s the largest, ArizonaUFO convention in the US, hundreds gather at the international UFO congress in Fountain Hills this week. There’s a spectrum of believers at the conference from those who are curious about the possibility of aliens and UFO’s to those that believe they themselves are aliens. FOX 10 asked attendees, what do aliens look like and we got a galaxy of possibilities.

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  1. I think if we were to just conclude that we are &quot;not the only ones&quot; in our Universe, then we could get on with finding out a lot more about UFO&#39;s. <br />Surely they are more curious about us then we are of them……<br />We know that they can move incredibly fast, can change direction faster that us, what I would like to know is what do their engines fun on ? <br />

  2. Is it any wonder that the main stream media focuses on the absurd, fringe UFO believers? They are so flipping entertaining. This is an excellent example of why UFO studies are not taken seriously…..and this local Fox station in PHX &#39;lays it on thick&#39; when it comes to mocking the attendees. For the UFO community, it&#39;s one step forward and two steps back. &quot;News&#39; features

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