A Flying Jelly Fish Spotted Over Hong Kong, China

China UFO
On March 27, 2014 someone spotted an unidentified flying object hovering around the Waglan Island, Hong Kong, China. Scott Waring spotted the object in which he describes similar to a jelly fish at around 12:00 PM. He later uploaded the video to popular video sharing site YouTube.

Waring who was just looking for weather cams around Hong Kong was amazed to see a jellyfish-like craft with dangling tentacles. Even though the sky is cloudy with a mixture of smoke and fog, the craft was easily identified by Mr Waring.

Last year, a UFO over Hong Kong was reported to be a diamond in shape on the night of October 5. Former cable television reporter Wu Xiaodong Yi claimed to have witnessed the mysterious aerial object. However, Huffington Post reported the same object that was later confirmed to be planet Jupiter that was visible on the same night above Hong Kong.

In another sighting, a woman from UK said that she witnessed a flying saucer hovering above her home in the island of Guernsey on March 23, 2014.

Daily Star reported her sighting wherein she said that the UFO looked like it was spinning. She observed that it went away and then came back again every now and then. She knew that no one would believe about her sighting so, she took a couple of pictures using her camera phone.

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  1. Interesting footage, and other jelly fish types of UFOs have been recorded. Still it doesn't explain what they are. Will we ever know?

  2. All I gots to say is the same I said when I bumped into that reeeeel big gal at Wal Mart……. Must be jelly cause jam don't shake like dat……

  3. "Jelly Fish" UFO's are caused by the effects of the craft's cryogenic engines interacting with warmer, moist ambient air. This forms a fog with jellfish-like tentacles.

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