Another UFO Photographed Over Mt Annan in Australia

australia ufo
Mt Annan is gaining a reputation similar to Roswell with yet another sighting of a UFO reported last week in the suburb. Raksha Martinovic, stargazer and a resident in Mt Annan, said that on March 22 at 11:15 PM she and her husband were looking up at the sky to enjoy the beautiful view of stars when they noticed unusual light hovering above them.

The latest sighting is only one of many series of UFO activity in the Macarthur region. Last December a local business owner claimed that he spotted a strange light drift across the sky late at night. Skywatcher in Cleveland substantiated these claims as well as in south east of Brisbane and across the Pacific Ocean in California.

Mrs Martinovic said her UFO experience lasted for more than two hours. The light stayed in one place and disappeared then it came back and disappeared once more. She said that her experience makes her more interested in observing the skies. She wanted to know if someone in their area witnessed the same at the same day and time.

Reports of flying saucers are almost usual in the area but Macarthur Astronomical Society spokesman John Rombi said that a meteor or space junk can be mistaken as a UFO. He added that astronomers can identify almost all things people see in the sky but not everyone is this well trained about these things so, they always considered natural flying object as UFO.

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  1. How insulting! If the lights stayed in one place for 2 hours, it could hardly be a meteor or space junk. I suppose these so called astronomers never bother to look at any evidence or speak to the people involved?<br />They do say almost all tings can be explained,sooo what about the ones that don&#39;t fit into these narrow categories? Star dust perhaps?

    • My thoughts exactly Iceni, just another example of some idiot sitting in an Office with a book of ridiculous so called answers, you know the book of answers that, tell US what we saw, and NOT what is being described to them.

  2. Iam an easy 40 minute drive away.<br /><br />There has been no local coverage and I would anticipate at least some news if Macarthur was turning into the next Roswell.<br /><br />Something is just not right with this report.

  3. I have too strongly agree with Iceni. <br />Many years ago whilst night fishing I saw a huge bright UFO over the beach.Then 4 lights came out off it and flew over me, so low that the radiant light lit the waves and sand around me. This went on for approx 10 mins, maybe longer. They then returned to the main light and went straight up, within 2-3 seconds it disappeared. <br />There was 10

  4. I live in Victor Harbor and was sitting outside having a cuppa last Monday evening thinking what a beautiful night is was i was looking toward the ranges with my back to the ocean side so looking toward the gulf and saw a low very bright ball of light and was thinking it was so much larger and brighter than anything in the sky when another smaller orange light appeared ontop of the larger light

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