A UFO Over Chile Has The Same Size of Two Soccer Stadiums

chile ufo
Chile has become the center of attraction not only for people who love the beautiful spots and culture but also for the population who are aware about UFOs. A UFO that was captured in a photo was confirmed by the country’s Comite de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos (CEFAA) saying that the photo is real.

A Venezuelan couple residing in the southern county said to have captured the UFO in a photograph in El Yeso Reservoir. Retired General Ricardo Bermudez led the CEFFA investigation about the object. He is the director general of CEFFA.

Former F-5 fighter pilot Bermudez said that they took some considerable amount of time in researching and examining, they concluded that this photograph is not a hoax and therefore real. He explained that incidence of the light of clouds in the picture is similar to what falls upon the object. He further went on saying that the object has its own light and a series of portholes can be seen. They estimated the size of the mysterious aerial object to be twice the size of the Chile’s National Stadium based on the existing clouds during that time of season in Cordillera.

Former military pilot Bermudez noted that they are not sure on the identity of the object and where its origin. One thing they are sure is that the anomalous aerial phenomenon described as UFO is real and they have the evidence and eyewitness accounts to support their conclusion.

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  1. Frankly I can't see how they know it was so huge and I could not see any portholes. Why didn't they enlarge it? Taken in the reservoir? Above it? From space? What? I am just not grasping this one.

  2. What is the UFO, is it that huge area of ribbed like structures, or are they clouds, is it that small object in the circle, and the surrounding ribbed structures are the clouds? If so, why are there different clouds just to the right of it? I'm confused here, I have no idea what they're talking about. They should have described what we're seeing more clearly, and where are the

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