Former TWA Pilot Shares Interesting UFO Stories

A retired TWA commercial pilot reported his UFO stories to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). His reports are filed under case #52573 and case #52576. He introduced himself as a retired pilot with 48 years of experience in his profession. The ex-pilot said that he now feels comfortable sharing about his two UFO stories since he is now retired.

He first shared his UFO experience as a co-pilot on a TWA flight from Saint Louis to San Francisco. Their flight was delayed for a couple of hours after experiencing mechanical problems but they finally got off the ground late in the night going west.

When they came near the Air Traffic Control of Nevada State, they were surprised for receiving a request to make a 90 degree turn to the north immediately. They were advised to wait for further instructions after the odd request at nearly 1AM and 36,000 feet was issued. At this hour and at especially at this altitude, there is usually little to no air traffic existed.

As they followed the request and headed north, the co-pilot happened to look down and notice an apparent Instrument Landing System (ILS) being turned on, on the surface of a dark desert. However, he observed that the ILS was not the usual one as it was a three-dimensional hologram, something he had never seen as an airline pilot. He described that the apparent ILS had blue and violet lights crossing at 90 degree angles.

The next thing he noticed were the 20-30 firefly-like lights move along rapidly and lightly way up high in the sky. Then they made hard right angle turns and went down rapidly to the holographic ILS until all of them were on the ground.

The ground then went black as the ILS turned off. The incident happened in 1988.

His second story was told to him in the spring of 1960 while camping with his uncle and friend of his uncle named Frank in the western Sierras. Frank told him a story after knowing that he believes in flying saucers. But before that, Frank told him not to tell anybody about his story because if he does, Frank will have to deny it.

Frank then recounted the incident in 1954 wherein President Eisenhower stepped out of a car after a commotion. Frank was then working as a contractor at Edwards Air Force based. He then asked one of the MPs standing nearby about the reason of the president to come in that place, the MP answered that the president wanted to meet with beings from another world. The reporting witness thought Frank was just kidding until the same story came out on television in 1960.

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