Indian Air Force Detects UFO In Its Radars Near India-Pakistan Border

UFO radar
The Indian Air Force (IAF) decided to use its Su-30MKI after detecting a slow moving unidentified flying object through its radars. The UFO was coming from International Border with Pakistan and going towards India. It came near to two civilian flights flying in that area.

According to IAF sources, they were in red alert after observing a UFO from Pakistan entering its border and came near to two civilian flights. Considering the danger of the UFO, the IAF immediately dispatch its Su-30MKI to intercept the unknown flying object.

The IAF noticed the UFO flying at 28,000 feet so, they asked the air traffic to clear the altitude between 25,000 and 30,000 feet.

Later on, the Su-30MKI described that the object looked like a weather balloon that was flying with the wind heading to the border and it returned its original position after being in the air for around 20 minutes.

The two civilian planes were Thai Airways and another foreign operator. They were flying about 10 nautical miles away from the IAF jet.

The IAF denied rumors of near miss incident involving their aircraft as they were operating in an area that was officially cleared and under a positive radar coverage.

Further investigations about the UFO incident near Indian-Pakistan border have been conducted.

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  1. This "new" isn't a's why d you write " detects ufo" when instead we know and u also make it clear it was a balloon ?

  2. Of course the IAF said it was a balloon, they're not going to say 'Yes, it was a real UFO' Anyway, are balloons detectable on radar?

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