Huge cigar-shaped UFO over Ukraine – March 2014

Ukraine UFO
Interesting daytime footage of a cigar-shaped UFO hovering in the sky above Ukraine. This was recorded in early March 2014.

More info in the video!

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  1. remember those large cigar-shaped ships seen coming through a stargate having to momentarily decloaked and becoming visible in reports of the Aden Star Gate opening a few years back … it was then I considered many were coming here to assist in removing forces of a renegade reptilians, which kindred to the satanic elite forces .. and also those diabolical species of alien reptilians having

    • While meditating Jan. 21 2013 I had projected the intention of having an UFO (I had no preference for what type) prove to me of their existence. Moments later while watching an jetliner spraying chemtrails to the west, an dark object materialized underneath it.<br />As I watched waiting for it to fall to Earth, it didn&#39;t, in fact it started moving towards me. It crossed the 1800 ft mountains

  2. thats awe boohoo stargates dream on people looks like a long rod type prob object floating over the sky could been filmed anywhere there is worldwide media focussed on ukraine due to the annexation of crimea dont recall any reptillians in russian or ukraine uniforms dont buy into awe that stargate hype sorry folks .

  3. It seems like this is being played down. It&#39;s in plain sight during daytime and only one eyewitness account? I haven&#39;t seen any other posts relating to this. What about the hundreds of people who were directly underneath it! Where are their reports? Lets get some answers!!!

  4. I agree with Anonymous and Sparky… This reptillian &quot;Crap&quot; this guy is spewing ,has no bases for fact. anybody can mouth off about Si-Fi scenarios, and feel its worthy news. C&quot;mon guys, lets look at the video and try to be objective. I know this is America and you have a right to your opinion, but if your going to throw out B-movie Sci-Fi situations ,start a Blog somewhere and see

  5. Many different types of daytime UFOs are constantly flying over the Perth Hills of Western Australia and most likely everywhere else on the planet as well. See for may images of these craft.

  6. LUFOS what&#39;s wrong with you? sir farquat&#39;s comment is here FOUR times and evelin&#39;s is here TWICE. please make corrections.

  7. Over Perth Western Australia at 3.30 am in the Summer in the Northern Suburbs skyline a full moon was out and it was very bright i was walking my dog and suddenly my dog stopped , started growling and i though OMG i shouldnt have gone so early for our walks and then he looked up at the sky and i saw or heard nothing and about 10 seconds later in the sky where he was looking a Cigar shape object

  8. On July 14th 2014, at 10:20pm, I went outside to feed the dogs, the sky was partially cloudy with large areas of clear sky and a bright moon, as I looked up, I saw multiple lights which I assumed were stars, but I quickly reralised that they were in fact moving. I called my wife to come outside and take a look which she did, all I said was look up, when she did, she simply said what the hell are all those things. As I was looking in one direction, she was telling me about others that she was seeing in another direction. These lights were moving at a speed you would associate with a satellite, but these were brighter and all moving east to west over the Darling scarp. The lights appeared grouped in some areas, whilst single lights also appeared in other areas. To make sure it wasn’t an optical illusion caused by the speed of the clouds which were moving east, I focused on several lights and had to turn a full 180 degrees in order to track them. I am on a flight path in the Perth hills, so know they were not plane lights, there were too many of them, they were too high, and all travelling in the same direction. When I got up the next morning, I was amazed that there were no reports of these lights, I was reluctant to publicise what my wife and I saw, but frustrated by no other reports of what we saw, decided to report this myself, in the hope that anyone else that saw them will advise, so we know it wasn’t just us. Just to confirm, the lights (dozens over a 40 minute period) were coming into view as they came over the hills, north from the Bullsbrook area, and would have been seen for a good distance south on the Darling scarp. All were moving in the same westerly direction, there were no coloured lights, no flashing lights, or any other things normaly accociated with these type of sightings, just bright star like lights, all moving slowly in the same direction.
    Surely someone else in Perth must have seen these, they were very visable! I am frustrated beyond belief that I could not get any film or photo’s of these, despite trying with iPhone and iPad.

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