A Book Presents Fact About Italian UFO Sightings

Newly declassified documents of the Italian Air Force are discussed in the newly released book UFO: I Dossier Italiani, [Amazon link] by two Italian journalists Lao Petrilli and Vincenzo Sinapi. They say both of them searched and examined thousands of documents about UFO reports across Italy. They claim these reports came from people in different fields, including jet fighter pilots, airline pilots, military, police, and even priests.

I Dossier Italiani

These files were reportedly classified and have been saved for flight safety reference. The two Italians say many of these files were not published.

The Italian Air Force started getting interest in UFO investigation in the 50s, according to Italian newsapaper Il Mattino. Another Italian newspaper reveals that the book features reports of 56 UFOs from the last 4 years wherein 2010 had the highest number of cases with 22 before declining to 17 in 2011 and to 10 in 2012.

Il Mattino compiled some of the interesting sightings from Southern Italy in Campania region. Naples city is the capital of the region. One of these sightings was reported in the town of Grazzanise, home of major military airports. The radar of a flight controller registered a UFO on February 8, 2005. The presence of an unknown flying object was confirmed by a C130 transport aircraft flying in the area.

Another case in the region happened on June 15, 2011 at 4:37 PM. A loud noise had awaken a mother and her 27-year-old student. The student says they witnessed from their window a bright glowing ball hovering a few feet away from the ground, illuminating their garden. They then saw the object moving in a zigzag pattern and moved upwards then disappeared. The sighting lasted for two minutes and according to the student the object was an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt.

Gazzeta Di Parama reveal a few introductions of stories from the book including UFO sightings reported by the military, medical officer and restaurateur. Petrilli and Sinapi say they give the facts in their book.

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  1. Military aircraft black ops usa & others have had this technology since the 50s reverse engineering from the 1947 & other alien space craft.

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