Coyame UFO Crash Incident Near U.S.-Mexico Border

On 25th of August 1974, a small plane and a UFO reportedly had mid-air collision near the town of Coyame, Chihuahua which is close to the Mexico-U.S. border. Many conspiracy theorists believe the U.S. government military and intelligence agencies’ rapid response team retrieved the UFO.

Radar of a U.S. air defense detected a UFO in the Gulf of Mexico flying at around 4,000 km/hr and going towards Corpus Christi, Texas on 24th of August 1974. The radar suddenly detected that the UFO changed its direction and went towards Coyame, Chihuahua, Mexico. Around the same time a small plane took off on a route from El Paso, Texas to Mexico City. The U.S. radar both registered the paths of the plane and the UFO and the personnel on duty monitored both of them until their signals simultaneously vanished over Mexico at exactly the same location.

The Mexican government sent a search and rescue team to the area while the U.S. continued its monitoring. The U.S. volunteered to help but the Mexican government declined. Still the U.S. managed to sneak to the crash site through intercepting a Mexican radio communication. The 15-man U.S. team arrived to the crash site on board in four Huey helicopters. In the crash location, the U.S. team found unusual disk metallic object with sign of a frontal impact and visible wreckage. It was discovered by the group that the small plane was a Cessna 180. The team also found burned remains believed to be from the small plane.

The same team discovered an Olive green Jeep of the Mexican military with dead bodies of four Mexican soldiers in which the team saw sign of asphyxiation. The four dead bodies had firearms in their possession but no sign that they were able to use them. One of the helicopters picked the UFO and brought it around 15 kilometers where a convoy awaited to bring it to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base via rail.

Till this day, the whereabouts of the unidentified flying object are unknown. The Mexican military denied that the incident ever took place and said that they have no idea about the dead Mexican soldiers on the alleged crash site.

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  1. i did some research and figured out the cessna 180 is qiute big and would not shatter easly in the video it shows fragments of the cessnas steering wheel now this leaves two options either the video is miss leading or the object has enough power to take down a small plane with mininal damage. its totally miss leading. i say its not a fake if. i know i will get a lot of flak for that but its my opinion not yours.

    • An object as big as a small house traveling 1000 mph would nearly completely disintegrate a small plane. A Cessna 180 is big? Compared to what?

  2. An object as big as a small house traveling 1000 mph would nearly completely disintegrate a small plane. A Cessna 180 is big? Compared to what?

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