1. Very interesting. One of my sightings was a cigar shaped craft that moved slowly and silently across the sky. Silver/grey in colour with no wings or tail fins whatsoever. I ran outside and watched until it was out of sight. This was long before mobiles with cameras, so sadly I didn't catch it on film.

  2. seen one of these on our video ufo sightings just looks like a long rod type object not cylindrical strange though . the trumpet sounds are from some industrial plant or factory near by definately not rthe apocalypse the spiral object could be a ufo prob or a piece of space debris entering earths atmosphere ? i.ll keep an open mind on all 3 video clips thank you .

  3. About 30 years ago I saw a silent, stationary ,huge cigar shaped silver thing, I mean it was cigar shaped: fat in the middle and tapered towards the ends. I saw a disc fly into it and disappear, then it silently passed over head. The underneath part was strangely like the belly of a whale, with ridges going down the length of it. Very fascinating.

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