1. I've looked at this video over and over and it seems real. You can see the craft make a wake in the clouds from right to left if you look closely enough. Hellava fake if hoaxed….

    • I've looked at this video many times and didn't notice any wake at all, I don't see what you see. You would expect a trail of clouds following out of the clouds, but I see nothing at all. You say it leaves a wake from right to left? How can that be when it's moving from left to right?

  2. Good old fashion flying saucer clip. Brings back memories. Not going to go into any details here. Some UFO enthusiast will tell me I'm an abductee or conductee or something and we'll have a sharing and carry moment right here

  3. One of the best UFO videos I&#39;ve seen. If this was foto chopped, it&#39;s a really good job…………………Might be something or that, 5%<br />

  4. No matter how advanced them fellas is they still can appreciate a good air show or a good demolition derby with some gals mud wrestling…..

  5. This is part of the fake videos injected on the internet to discredit the UFO phenomenon. I won&#39;t go into explanation but there are many evidence of this.

  6. When the &quot;object&quot; enters from the left it first passes in front of a cloud that can be judged as being equally far away from the point of view of the camera than the cloud it was obviously &quot;made&quot; pass behind.<br /><br />A dead give-away by someone trying to pull your leg.<br /><br />The video was processed (&quot;noised up&quot;) as can be seen by various artifacts in the form

    • I disagree about that cloud it passes in front of being of equal distance, it looks like it&#39;s part of the cloud that&#39;s a little further away from where the object enters, but I agree that this is a fake, did you notice all the flashes around the area it enters the cloud before the object even gets there? No wake coming out of the cloud either.

  7. I just don’t see this being real, it has zero affect on the clouds, you would see some disturbance as it travels through them and there is nothing at all, it looks photo shopped to me. I did notice some flashing things right around the area of the first cloud it enters, watch it before the object comes into view, there are flashes, I don’t know if it’s the camera or what, but they’re definitely there.

    • The way these vehicles operate – inside a “gravity well” – they don’t interact with the environment like our primitive flight modes, so expecting a wake from a ufo is like expecting an electric train to billow smoke from a steam boiler. Use a little thought before you make such inane assumptions.

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