Unknown lights filmed over Thailand 19-Apr-2014

UFOs thailandSubmitted by: UFODI
Sighting location: Thailand
Date: 19/April/2014
Report: New video from Thailand showing a cluster ufo bright white objects moving around each other while holding a steady speed.
These are not skydivers or lanters so what on earth could they be?
A man records white lights moving across the sky and notices some of them moving around the others!
Over Thailand the bright objects are clearly under some type of control while them move from the right to left of the screen. We are scrubbing out skydivers as the objects don’t fall but move sideways, they are also not lanterns as some move against the wind and also they are not aircraft! So what are they?

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  1. Must be first time those guys visit Thai if they don't get that those lights are just lanterns, and what that means "move against the wind"..doesn't make any sense. I know quite well Thai, I ve been several times and saw that often, one dollar each fair price, r more than a meter in length/tall, bout 60 cm wide..move just like that, no other interpretations if u know and seen

    • move against the wind means you are flying (or whatever motion you choose) into the wind, instead of with it. in this case here, the person means they can't be lanterns because they would all be moving with the wind.

    • janet sorry i expressed myself wrong, i meant doesnt make sense cos i dont get from the video any info bout wind direction..anyway there an cambodia an vietnam breeze on the ground and wind opposite not far away is common, saw that many times u can ask anybody there..i do have video of lanterns just that way..asap i ll tell u bout the scary sighting long ago, let me find u r mail, cheers

    • The wind at ground level can be totally different than the wind at a higher altitude, or can swirl in different directions according to where you are. These look like they were all launched very close together, and they all went out at about the same time, this all says Chinese Lanterns to me.

  2. Honestly, what makes you think they are under any type of control? I just see lights all going in the same direction as if blown by the wind.

    • Exactly how lanterns would react in a swirling wind, there's nothing in this video that tells me it's anything but lanterns. And why does he say "some" of them are going against the wind? How does he know anything about how the wind was blowing where the lanterns were? Plus they were all moving in the same general direction.

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