Cessna Plane Disappeared After a Pilot Radioed Air Traffic Control About a UFO That Followed Him

Frederick Valentich UFOs
from the recently-released Australian documents // click to enlarge
The mysterious case of the disappearance of an airplane piloted by Frederick Valentich, who reportedly told traffic control that he was being chased by a UFO off the Victorian coast 36 years ago, has long been thought to be one of the cases that can never be solved.However, a recent development may shed some light on somewhat dim chances of getting the incident solved.

Documents gathered by air safety investigation team revealed that an engine cowl flap of Cessna 182 aircraft, the same model being operated by Valentich, was recovered at the shore of Flinders Island 5 years after the disappearance.

Frederick Valentich

But many are skeptical if the 30 centimeter long, corroded component is the same ill-fated plane piloted by Valentich. The debris was broken in three pieces when it was discovered and now its part is apparently lost or scrapped.

Modern technology could verify if the debris was in Bass Strait’s salt water for five years. Richard, brother of Frederick, checked with aviation authorities about the cowl debris. Richard wanted to know if the debris was still in the storage somewhere.

Richard said that it is worth pursuing every single evidence that could link the incident involving the disappearance of his brother.

There has been separate report claiming that Frederick had shared his alien abduction experience to his girlfriend week before the mysterious disappearance. This report is being documented on the National Archives of Australia’s papers.

In the said report, Frederick told air traffic control in Melbourne that an unidentified aircraft followed his plane. The UFO was described by Frederick with four bright lights and was moving at high speed or orbited above his plane. After reporting about engine failure of his plane, no one ever heard of the pilot since then.

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  1. <br /><br />Rather than an extraterrestrial abduction, might Frederick have gone a Ghosting? A well staged event to slip out and go into the nuclear war fighting underground? Who ya gonna call? Would you know my name if I saw you in Haifa?

  2. A fellas got to wonder if the same thing would have happened to a Piper wing under with the Mrs. sitting in the rear for ballast eatin sausage…?

  3. The very fact that the Australian Dept of Transport would not release the taped recording of the radio communication between Fred and the mainland air traffic control operator, during about 20 minutes prior to break in contact, is an inadvertent admission of the cover up of a major UFO confrontation and abduction. Even after 36 years withholding of vital information from public scrutiny, the

  4. Only a censored transcript of the radio traffic was released to the media, although Fred&#39;s father was allowed to listen to an edited/censored version of the tape, with his son&#39;s voice reporting to the traffic controller what he was witnessing; this traffic controller did not contradict the official version of the transcript of the recording, for obvious reasons. Is there a statute of

  5. Having grown up next to the Moorabbin Airport since 1969, this is another disgraceful episode of the authorities covering up a UFO abduction..Over the years many witnesses have now come forward with eye witness accounts of a UFO with a small plane that was stuck to it..I&#39;ve been privy to these photos &amp; they are simply amazing..The authorities are hell bent on keeping the greatest

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