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Your UFO reports: 19th April –  26th April 2014
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Worldwide – 25/04/2014
Here we have of UFO – OVNI sightings recorded through April 2014.
This assortment is broke up into Hovering and Speeding UFO’s along with Clusters Of Objects. April suggests there is going to be a UFO wave coming through the good weather. Keep an eye on the sky! You will find your own UFO one day.

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California US – 23/04/2014
During the recording of an RC helicopter demo a mysterious object high in the sky shoots into the background scene! Was it a UFO? Have we something that? fast apart from a missile intercepter!

Recorded over Pasadena California the object hits quite a speed and
it is shiny or white! There has been a spate of sightings recently and this only adds up to the speculation that its visiting time! Or more likely more outside activity in good weather equals some mysterious going ons.

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Jericho area, Vancouver, BC – April 20, 2014 evening
I was outside -can’t remember exact time, when I saw 4 golden orbs in the sky. They seemed to be following each other. Behind them came two more. I couldn’t believe the slowish, glide and movement they had. I knew they weren’t aircraft. I ran upstairs and called for my husband to see them. He saw the last two and said – oh they’re airplanes. I questioned – have you ever seen them move like that? He didn’t respond. They were orangy golden….wow…I was surprised coming to your site and seeing the 4 in a row sighted in Feb 2014 in Van,BC. Now I know I wasn’t just imagining them!

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Phoenix, Arizona – 19/April/2014
What was the strange object which appeared over Phoenix on April 19th?
The speeding object stopped with ease then shoots (Descends) towards radio tower! The last minute shows its descent.


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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – 06032014
1st sighting. A low flying UFO resembling an aeroplane was sighted at around 7.30 pm local time.
No sound, short wings with one non blinking red light on each side. 3 Blue strob lights blinking interval starting from the underneath front body, centre than the back. More like a tomahawk but air liner size. Estimated height at approximately 500 feet above ground level. Flying slow speed lie a landing plane from south heading north. Lost sight of the UFO as it was blocked off by surrounding high rise buildings. The whole sighting lasted 15 seconds.
2nd sighting. A triangle UFO was observed for 20 seconds flying at high altitude right above and behind two (2) airliner in the early morning around 6.50 am local time. Estimated size is twice of a commercial jet liner. Red orange light at the three corners are visible. The UFO and the 2 commercial jet liner are flying from the same direction that is northwest towards southeast. As the UFO approaches 6 km from the centre of the Kuala Lumpur city it made a 90 degrees turn without much effort leaving the 2 planes on it’s path. This happen beginning of 2014.
Other Sightings over the years consist of a black cigar shape UFO. A daytime orb black Matt surface the size of a Volkswagen beetle. A high altitude silver cigar shae UFO zooming fast behind 2 jet liners between clouds opening during bright day time. A saucer silver colored user a tropical storm cloud during day time. A red parachute like UFO landing at some thick under growth in the fringe f the city during evening time. A warping saucer UFO car size vanishes into thin air at 20 feet above ground level during day time.

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Volos, Greece – 12/Nov/2013
Mysterious lights appear from thin air in the skies of Volos Greece.
The bright lights appear in a populated part of the town a withing a hundred odd feet from the ground. At one point a small light dips down towards another and stops beside it.

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  1. Why all these stupid vids from UFODI? Vids of flares, clouds, fakes etc etc. It&#39;s truly ridiculous and takes the piss out of all of us. It makes the whole subject look like a joke and lends validity to those who like to label those who follow this subject, as loonies and nut cases !! <br /><br />Or maybe that is the true intention of these type of videos?

  2. I received a very abusive message via blogger / youtube / google from an unhappy person because of my post above. Very childish in nature and implying that if I didn&#39;t believe all the vids posted by UFODI then I was an idiot as all their vids are real. I also, apparently have a closed mind. There was nalso more graphic abuse that I wont repeat here. <br /><br />I am NOT closed minded. I have

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