The government’s plans to discredit UFO phenomenon

Carlos Rubio from TercerMilenio talks about the government’s plans to discredit UFO phenomenon

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  1. You folks gots to know the wise man can play the fool, the fool can never impersonate a wise man…… there gots to be mucho fools working in government now a days with I.Q. s in the 40 to 60 range and fella's that's got to be on the high side……

  2. This is so true. We all have to be aware of fake pictures and information. I have been studying this subject for years and I can normally smell a fake right away. These people just have not got it quite right the way genuine people report true events and if it is too perfect to be true it normally is. for most people it is unexpected and they are generally unprepared, not professional with their

    • some people really do capture ufo's on film unintentionally. and there are those lucky few who actually see one and have their cameras on them, and happen to catch it. but most sightings are totally and completely surprises, like mine were.

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