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Murdering UFO experts is the latest claim made by some UFO researchers with the death of a crop circle researcher who was discovered floating off the coast of Portsmouth. The suspicious death of people who had UFO related evidence supposedly started as early as 1947, some UFO researchers claim.

U.S. military allegedly shot down a plane that is believed to have been carrying fragments of a space UFO while the death of James Forrestal, the country’s first secretary of defense, has something to do with the truth about the flying saucer.

The so-called suspicious pattern of deaths was brought up once again by activist Steve Bassett as he spoke about the subject on national radio show C2C in America. The book “Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind”, [Amazon link] by Nick Redfern is scheduled to be out this summer.

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Recent cases of death include leading crop circle researcher Paul Vigay. He was 44 years old. He was one of the main contributors on Mil Gibson’s film “Signs.” Nigel Watson, author of “The Haynes UFO Investigations Manual,” says the crop circle researcher was discovered floating off Portsmouth, Hants., coast in February 2009.

Watson says that while some UFO researchers believe aliens might be responsible for the killings to cover their existence on Earth, many think the killings might be the work of government agents.

Watson further says that some cases could be just coincidences or people trying to just relate all the cases to UFO conspiracy but certainly some strange events have been happening. He notes that UFO researcher Philip Schneider claimed that government vans followed him and many times tried to bump his car off the road. He says that Schneider became fearful for his personal safety and unfortunately his worst fear did happen in January 1996.

Schneider’s friend found his dead and rotten body inside his apartment in Wilsonville, Oregon. Initially, it was thought that he died after suffering from a stroke but it was discovered later in an autopsy that his neck was wrapped and knotted by a rubber tubing.

Bassett says that he doesn’t want to talk about the mysterious death of UFO researchers in respect to family members but the only option to prevent more deaths is publicity.

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  1. What would be the point in killing UFO researchers? Whatever 'Truths" they came up with, would not be believed by many people. Researchers have the same ills and misfortune as anybody else. I can not see the Gov or Aliens being afraid of what even a dedicated researcher may reveal.Now if the Queen or Prime Minister or President told the world that Aliens exist here etc. that would maybe

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