Over A Thousand People In Canada Report Their UFO and Extraterrestrial Encounters

Is Earth the only planet that has life in the universe? There may be no definite answer yet but over a thousand Canadians observed anomalies in the sky.

According to the data gathered by the Canadian UFO Survey, there were 1, 180 UFO sightings in 2013. The number of sightings last year is second to the highest since the survey started 25 years ago. The highest number of UFO sighting was recorded in 2012 with 1,981.

Ufologist Chris Rutkowski of Winnipeg believes that the rise in UFO sighting reports since 1989 has a lot of reasons. He said that more people are aware of the anomalies in the sky and curious about these mysterious lights or objects.

There were 65 UFO sightings in Manitoba and Winnipeg is the third among cities with 39. Canada already reported 13, 786 sightings since 1989 with 1,075 in Manitoba.

Rutwoski said that the average sighting lasted for around 13 minutes in about three sightings every day across the country. While over 50% of the sighting were simple lights, some were definite shapes.

In 2013, there were 3 sightings classified as category C3 or known as close encounters of the third kind (people reported seeing actual extraterrestrials) and another 3 grouped under C4 or called as close encounters of the fourth kind (people reporting of having alien contacts or experiencing alien abductions).

Many witnesses were considered as people who have good judgment and observing capabilities including pilots and police officers, according to the survey.

One of the sightings that is considered as most reliable and strange in the report involves two children who heard a beeping noise before seeing a massive flying object that looked like a hotel with protrusions and windows. According to the children who were sledding at that time in Musquodoboit, N.S. on 8th of January 2013, they saw it flew above nearby house before it disappeared to their naked eye.

Another sighting that is considered as most reliable is the account from a retired helicopter pilot, who claimed he saw 50 round, orange lights flying in pairs on September 28 across the sky in Portage la Prairie.

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  1. Some of my best pals is up in Canada and when those fellas ain't chasing hocky pucks they is chasing them sausage shaped ufo's….

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