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Your UFO reports: 3rd May –  10th May 2014
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Skälderviken, Sweden – 10-05-14, 9 pm
I did not spot the UFO’s but the local newspaper reported it:

It basically says that several different people saw 6-7 bright hovering spheres around 9 pm on Saturday. One person said that he first saw three spheres hovering in a triangle but that they thereafter increased in number.

Here is the video:

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Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 1230 noon . Saturday 10 May

My name is Eugene Chong from Malaysia, earlier today around 1230 noon Malaysia time i was around the Petronas Twin Towers area with my family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My young son Jason pointed to the sky and said he sees a hot air balloon. I looked up and saw an object in the sky about the size of a large hot air ballon slowly spinning above and to the side of the Petronas Twin Towers. I thought it was a hot air balloon too as it was totally silent. I took a photo and suddenly about 30 seconds later the object shot upwards at an incredible speed and disappeared into the clouds. There was no sound except for an air burst. I have never seen anything like that before. I did a Google search for UFO sites and your website was listed.

I see that there is a lot of info on your site about UFO’s so maybe you can shed some light on this photo that i am attaching. Sorry for the quality of the picture as my camera phone is an old model. I would also like to know if there is any connection between UFO and the disappearance of flight MH370 as mentioned by CNN.

There were other people in the area and i hope they will also make their pictures public.

Thank you for any insight you can share.

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Moulton, Alabama – 8 May 2014 8:58 p.m.
In saying ufo this was more than likely a meteor but is possible to be other or unknown. Was spotted just before 9 p.m. at latitude 34 degrees 30’1.17 north longitude 87 degrees 22’31.81 west. Height seemed to be where most commercial airlines travel possible lower. was traveling North northwest at a higher rate of speed than an airplane with a slight eastward arc. It appeared as a solid light similar to a commercial plane but without the common flashing lights. As it traveled it would brighten and then fade wait several seconds and brighten again. it did this several times before i lost sight never making a noise due to its height wouldn’t expect it to. It was more than likely a meteor but it never faded away almost like it kept traveling and never lost altitude. Had tried to record on iphone but due to its height couldnt be made out

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Malvern, Ohio – 5/6/2014 10:00 pm
Orange light high in the stars two bright light pulses until it disappeared into the dark sky.

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Highland Park California – April 19, 2014 2:30 pm
We were summoning UFOS in Highland Park as we do each weekend and I noticed this interesting plane flying above our session. I managed to take a few pictures of this amazing plane and when I studied the images later I discovered it was the U2 Spy plane! A top secret Military AirCraft. I shared this information with my friends and colleagues and we analyzed the photos and concluded it was the U2. A few days later Yahoo News posted a story on there homepage that the U2 spy plane was in fact flying over Los Angeles and had shut down numerous flights at LAX!

This was a wild coincidence and further verified my claim that I did capture this one of a kind military aircraft.

See the various mainstream media coverage of this event of the U2 spy plane flying over my area in Highland Park.

Yahoo News:–finance.html

USA Today:

This is actually the second time I’ve photographed the U2 Spy Plane during my career of UFO Summoning 12 years ago. I am working to find that original image in my database and will post the second photograph of the U2 in the coming weeks.

U2 Spy Plane Photographed Over Highland Park CA!:

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N Earlestown,19mls.,E,of Liverpool. – thurs.17apr.2014,8-00pm.,on.
Earlestown UFOI was trying to film a ”star”,low to NSE,2,000ft.alt.,2mls.,away, when a very bright ”star”went past,going E,towards Manchester,100ft.,S,1,200ft.,alt.,with no nav.lights and silent,25-35mph.Had I been using usual cam.,I would have filmed perfectly,but that is now a tape chewer.I was trying out an anologue JVC700X zoom,on tripod,and film is pretty good.See pic’s,when alien craft,about 1ml.past.Robert Newton,19mls.E,of Liverpool.

This is the alien lightship,2mls.,to NSE,2,000FT.,alt.,filmed with Canon200X zoom,on tripod!See on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,SDV_0405.MP4,, or IF CENSORED,GO ON CHANNEL,SCROLL TO URL.Or try,Robert Newton@astralaeos,on Twitter,or,Google,Robert Newton ufo,with pic’s.,also!nb.I may be 1?This is one of three alien craft I filmed that night!Robert Newton,19mls.E,of Liverpool.

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Mission, BC, Canada – 02/02/2014
Alright. instead of saying this is real and uncut and all that crap. i’m going to just tell this how it is. not leave anything out. this video was shot in mission bc on February 2 2014. tonight was a night like any other. i was inside playing video games and watching some show on tv. when i decided to step outside and check out the stars. because thats just something i do every night. i saw that my mom was home and i talked to her for a moment then stepped out onto the road. i turned and looked up at the sky and i suddenly saw a light in the distance. i at first thought it was a plane but i noticed it had been in the same spot for a long time. in my head something told me to run inside and grab my camera. i went into my house and got my finepix s 14 mega pixel camera and pointed it at the object. i started to record then a second light appeared beside it. i screamed out to my mom that a ufo was in the sky. she said that it was a plane but i told her this was not a plane. and i new that it my heart that what i was seeing was not man made. a third light appeared in the sky and my heart almost stopped beating. there in the sky was a light i’d seen as a kid. something that i never got a video of. something for all these years i kicked my self for not doing so. was sitting right in the sky in front of me. then my mind raced and i ran backwards more to see if i could get a better shot. sadly the third light i wasn’t able to get in time because it vanished to fast. so i was left with the same two lights. my mom came over to me wanting to see it but the two lights went behind some trees and she couldn’t see them. she went back inside saying it was to cold to stay out so she went inside. i stayed out and stayed out and recorded the lights till they vanished. now why i said it was something i saw as a kid was because. back in 2011 i saw the same ufo. i will never forget the night. i was in my room watching tv and i just happened to look out my window. i saw threw orange lights, one in front of the other fly up above my house. i had know about ufos but not as much as i know today, i ran threw the hallways and said to my mom that a ufo was outside. i ran down stairs and out the front door. i looked around and saw every one in the neighborhood looking up at the sky. i looked up and saw the three orange lights 100 feet above my house. my mom and my step dad ran outside and joined me. i being 11 years old got scared of this and hid behind are car. peaked around and watched the lights hover in there triangle shape for another minute then the lights split up and vanished. ever since that night ive been out wanting to see the lights again. spending hours outside watching the sky. i admit a saw a few vary strange things and yea made a few little ufos myself. but tonight. iv’e gotten another chance at getting the lights i saw on video. and now here is the footage.

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