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Your UFO reports: 17th May –  24th May 2014
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Directly above Rock Valley NSW Australia – 25th May 2014, 16:55 approx.
At first I thought it was a shooting star, a typical (to me) looking yellowish glow with a tail, entering the sky just above the horizon in the west. Then it seemed to separate from the tail, i then thought satelite. As it continued travelling east, the tail disappeared almost immediately. The light, similar yellow/white glow of a star reminded me of a light globe with not enough power, that sort of all round glow with something in the middle. As it quickly crossed the sky,(about 20 sec) it pulsed much brighter about every 3 seconds or so and seemed to accelerate, then gradually slow, then pulse and speed up, and so on till it was out of sight. It is unlike anything I have seen before, and am struggling to identify what it could have been.

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Parma , Ohio by State and Snow Rd. – 5-24-14
Well I didn’t believe it . My brother had seen them last year and now this year he remembered to call me as soon as he saw them again. There was 3 of them , orange in color , same as last year. They were moving patters a airplane could not possibly make. They disappeared real quickly and then they reappeared back. They hovered from a few minutes and disappeared quickly again . This all happened around 11:45 PM

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Byford, western Australia – 23rd may 1 am
Was driving along and saw a red light further up to my right low in the sky. It was raining a little and there was cloud cover quite low and from that I could see the light must of only been 200 meters above the ground behind trees. I pulled over jaw open sorry no photos. My first real one. When I stopped it looked like it had a bright blue then white centre with red lights around it then a red center and white and red lights around it then the lights kinda moved into each other in the midle then faded away. Wow.

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Darlington, Western Australia – 22nd May 2014 1:36 pm
Thought I would share some photographs I took yesterday of a fast-moving craft/UFO releasing about a dozen bright objects.
The bright objects appear to have their own propulsion as they headed off in a direction about 90 degrees from the original craft.
See my report here:

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post office west side Santa Rosa, California – midnight to 5am 21 May 2014
First I thought I heard indian chant.s then I saw patches on the ground like something was bleeding a glowing blood then saw a large figure in a yellow protective armored it was constructed bicycle chain shaped pieces very tight fit the man in the space suit was 2 to 3 times the size of a normal human man looked shiny little yellow chain links

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Nashville, Tennessee – 22 May 2014
here is a pic i took two nights ago…

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Chillicothe, Ohio – 22 May 2014
There was a UFO that just crossed over Chillicothe, Ohio an hour ago.
Me and my friends heard and saw it.

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Aguadilla, Puerto Rico – May 21, 2014
I was walking from my house last night to Close the gate and I notice a red light…so I’m thinking “wow check out Mars”. As I’m walking to the gate…its a good 125 foot walk to the gate so I keep looking at it and think DAMN mars is bright tonight….Then I notice another red light streaking to that red light, thinking it’s some kinda plane. Look for about 5 seconds and keep walking… Get to the gate and say Bye to by buddy Jay (that’s why I was opening the gate to let him out because he was heading home) close it then when walking back l look back up and It’s it’s 4 HUGE red lights!! Like four different objects because each object had 2 or 3 lights!
So my jaw hits the floor and I Stare for like 10 seconds… and then I’m like MY PHONE!!
ran in to get my phone and got these 3 pictures before they were gone. The house you see is my neighbors house.
Wow they were huge!!
But By the time I got in the house got my phone unlocked it they were maybe 25% the illumination of what they were when I saw
Them when I closed the gate.
You see the last picture looks like they are streaking away.


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Sarajevo, Bosnia – 05/18/2014

Hi this is real sightings in the bosnia sarajevo, after flood water come in all the state ufo on sky flashing red white lights looks like somthing searching this is real belive me to all people on the earth !! Proof my photos and please this is for all people on earth share my sightings thank you !! Ufo change direction in sarajevo and go left from airport and then return in mountain in ilidza and there stay all nights like just watching situation on earth !!!!

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Newfoundland – 17/May/2014
Shape shifting object above an Iceberg in Newfoundland.

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N Earlestown,19mls.,E,of Liverpool. – sun.aug.11,2013.
This looked like a star,with a flashing light on,moving low and slow,2mls.,to SW.It is a cloaked,alien scout craft.See vid.,on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,SDV_0286.MP4, ,or if censored,go on channel,scroll to url.

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Fairgrounds road, Creemore, Ontario, Canada – unknown date
Me and my grandmother were driving home one night when 4 to 5 circular lighted objects where flying in a group moveing in a very fast circular motion we pulled over to observe and tried to get photos but my black berry wasint able to pick them up clear enough I swear until this day the only explination I can come up with is it was ufos I asked my grandmothher today if she remembers the inccident and she confirm she dose quite clearly I will never forget it

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