Residents Witness Mysterious Lights Over Different Parts Of Hawaii

Around 40 photos were featured on Hawaii News Now along with witness accounts on the mysterious lights in sky, which described as super bright and zig zag lights. These lights were captured from different parts of Hawaii, specifically Lanai, Maui and Oahu. Some witnesses don’t believe that these lights are meteors or flares. They think that these are space UFOs.

hawaii UFO

The Hawaii-based news station reported that police and U.S. Navy have knowledge about the incident but they have yet to provide official explanation as to what would have caused the event.

Major Julie Roberge of North American Aerospace Defense Command told in a television interview that they observed nothing unusual during the time the mysterious event was observed in different parts of the state.

Some residents also think that the event has something to do with the scheduled launching of a test missile this week. One resident told the news station that she saw the missile goes up around the same time the lights were spotted.

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  1. if there is an easy explanation like this one, and by the way they are right, why put it on here as a ufo sighting!

  2. freds o'l pal Holoki pucko pucko is a certified banana tree climber and ufo spotter…on Kona beach and we is still trying to get that o'l boy to come down.

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