Three UFOs Sighted Over Desert Between Arizona and Oklahoma

United States has been home to reports of UFO sightings, and it has a vast number of witnesses claiming that humans are not alone.

Three UFOs were reportedly sighted over the desert between Arizona and Oklahoma. Their pictures were sent by a woman named Shemika Brown, who says that her mother was the one who took the photographs.

In Brown’s statements, her mother was taking pictures of mountains from her car as she travelled from Oklahoma to visit her in Arizona. She then became curious about three unusual figures in the camera after she previewed the pictures. At first, she was thinking that the objects were just planes or helicopters, but became shocked after zooming out the pictures because they appeared in circular shape, which is the common resemblance of a UFO.

Brown and her mother cannot believe that these objects are from just ordinary figures that can be seen in the sky. They think that these photographs are somewhat proof to UFO existence.

Brown decided to reveal the pictures in their attempt to have better understanding of what these three objects are ought to be. She is suggesting others to have a closer look of what these pictures have.

The pictures that Brown sent are just among the pictures reported to have shown images of UFOs. Many have been also sending videos of strange lights in the night sky that none can explain about these sightings. In most cases, such sightings are caught during night, with witnesses claiming that UFOs have lasers or light beams coming from them.

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  1. Guess you had to be there! <br />Mind you, no real conclusions can be made from any photographs or videos, only speculation.<br />Always interesting to see.

  2. I saw the same objects only 2 of them , here in Liége-Belgium-Europe in the clear sky with my binoculars 10×42 . They were staying ing vertical position in 800 -1000 metres from the ground . I am so happy that some one take their pictures. Thanks god ,Now i am certin that I am not craizy. 🙂 :-).incredible history, I will never forget.

  3. I saw the same objects here in LIEGE-BELGIUM-EURO 4 weeks ago. They were saying at the clear afternoon sky approximately 800-1000 metre high above the ground on the city center. I am so happy to know whic some one take their clear pictures of the . I saw in my binoculars with 10×42 . I can discribe clearly ,because i&#39;d observe them 15 minutes whitout interruption. I will never forget my

  4. I just would like to know how she took two pictures &amp; the ufo&#39;s are in the same spot. she stated they were driving? Fastest camera I ever saw?

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