Top 10 Popular UFO Sightings Ever Told

Whether you are an ordinary person or an extraterrestrial life believer, you surely read, watch or heard about UFO sightings from around the world. Perhaps, you are wondering about the most famous UFO sightings on record. Here are the 10 of the most popular sightings of UFO ever told.10. Westall Encounter, Australia in 1966
An object was reported to have descended into a grassy field and took off over houses into a local suburb in Westall, Melbourne in 1966. Approximately 200 students witnessed the entire event. Skeptics have been suggested that the UFO was an experimental military aircraft. [read more]

9. Maury Island, Washington Incident in 1947

Six UFOs were witnessed by sailor Harold Dahl while he was in Puget Sound, Washington scavenging for driftwood. He claimed after that incident, men in black visited him and advised him to stop sharing the story about it. Dahl eventually claimed that his story was a hoax. [read more]

8. Shag Harbor, Canada in 1967
A UFO reportedly crashed into Shag Harbor in Nova Scotia in 1967. Investigation was conducted but the Canadian Department of National Defense classified the incident as unsolved.

7. Levelland, Texas Case in 1967

Levelland Case

Many people in Levelland wondered why their car engines stalled at the same time after they encountered a glowing, egg-shaped object. These people further claimed that their engines started again when the object left. The investigation concluded that it was just an electrical storm.

6. New Mexico’s Clyde W. Tombaugh Sighting in 1949
Clyde Tombough, the discoverer of planet Pluto in 1930, reportedly witnessed eight rectangular lights over Las Cruces in New Mexico. His claim became popular due to his respectable credentials.

5. The 1980 Redlesham Forest Lights in England
The incident is a series of UFO sightings and landing in the Rendlesham Forest, England. The UK ministry of defense did not bother to investigate the event for the reason that it posed no threat to national security. [read more]

4. The 1961 Hill Abduction in New Hampshire
Portsmouth, New Hampshire couple named Barney and Betty Hill claimed that they were abducted by aliens in 1961. They reported that aliens had 3D star map in which the couple suspected the aliens used the map to locate their whereabouts. [read more]

3. The 1952 Washington, D.C. Sighting
UFOs were noticed over the sky of Washington, D.C. in 1952 but the U.S. Air Force suggested that it was just a temperature change that had resulted false returns in the radar signals. [read more]

2. The 1947 Kenneth Arnold Case
Several saucer-like objects flying above Mount Rainer in chain were reportedly witnessed by an American businessman Kenneth Arnold. He claimed that he witnessed the entire event in Washington. He started the term “flying saucer” on that year.

1. The 1947 Roswell Incident
This incident involved UFO hunters who claimed that they saw an alien aircraft that was captured by the U.S. military. However, this report was strongly denied by the military saying that they only captured surveillance device from a secret operation. [read more]

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  1. If them fella&#39;s had my video of the Mrs. jumping up and down on the trampoline in her tank top while munching on her 4th bag of potato chips….. there would have been eleven on the list……or maybe 12….<br />

  2. disappointed to not see Montreal ufo sighting. on November 7, 1990, a giant ufo hovered over Bonaventure Hotel rooftop pool. it was 540 meters wide and lasted 3 hours, from seven until ten at night. it was on the news here and was a very famous happening! many witnesses saw it and reported it.

    • Hi Janet. <br />Is there any footage of this sighting on the web that I can see?<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Stu

    • hi stu. way back then we didn&#39;t have camera phones that&#39;s for sure! i guess people took pictures, and i think there may be news footage of it, but good luck trying to find that! i sure couldn&#39;t! if you ever do, please tell me, as i would love to see it! and to think it all happened only 26 kms away….

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