UFO activity over Winnipeg, Canada 16-May-2014

Submitted by: Slinkers
Sighting location: Winnipeg, South Perimeter, Canada
Date: May 16th, 12:15 pm
Report: I was filming IR during the daytime and caught this event take place . On the right hand side, a UFO moves out of the way of an oncoming Jet (A320) and then proceeds to pick up speed as it follows it off camera .

I also caught this large rotating disk shaped UFO or plasma like object the same day May 16th , about 9:45 am . Object was not visible to the naked eye

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    • You have ansolutely No idea what you are talking about You mention the plane, but it`s at about 1500 ft and the UFO moved out of the way and then followed the plane . Let me guess you probably watched the video on your crappy Iphone or something , right ? Next time don`t be so ill -informed. And give ME a break , learn how to identify the difference between UFOs & planes before spouting off on something you clearly have NO understanding of …

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