Fast Moving UFOs Caught On Video By Australian Television Crew

Is New Zealand being observed by space aliens when two UFOs flew above the area? Australian television crew felt mixed emotions as they caught an unexpected activity across the horizon above Queenstown. The crew had no idea they caught something special until they noticed it in their editing stage this past couple of weeks.

new zealand ufos

On April 3, the crew were busy filming their art show’s opening sequence and did not notice any unusual activity in the background. Presenter of Colour In Your Life, Graeme Stevenson, noticed something not ordinary in which he believes to be two unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The production team was excited at the same time shocked on what they had seen in the middle of their editing process. Colour In Your Life production manager, Tanita Cree, can’t describe her feeling when she discovered the alleged UFOs. She and the entire team could not determine their identities.

To get a better observation, the crew decided to observe the mysterious aerial objects in slow motion. They were all stunned about what they had just caught on cam. It can be clearly seen in the slow motion video that the two objects are emerging from trees, then moving up in the skies before they disappeared.

Suspecting that what they captured was something not ordinary, the team decided to post the video online to know what everyone else would say about the paranormal activity.

One of the members of the production team posted on their Facebook page that the UFOs were flying around 4,000 KPH in just a second.

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  1. These are clearly bugs, If you are on a mac you can hold down the command key and spin the mouse wheel to zoom in. Go the trees on the right and you can see them as they emerge from the dark area.

    • but they look like they are coming through the trees on the LEFT. perhaps it's just a trick of the eye and they are actually small bugs like you say, but they really don't look like bugs.

  2. If they're not bugs, they could be part of a military training test exercise. Those objects are flying real low and real & (too) close to one another.

  3. Well now folks o'l fred sees somethin there besides them bugs. Chem trails and now days they is everywhere up there.

  4. If u cant do any research on the video then its bull you needed to zoom in IMA say 2 f16 military air crafts no proof sucky video

  5. To the naysayers – go out side and shoot the sky .. slow it down you may be amazed at what you capture.

    * dont need to be in NZ
    ** they’re not there everyday .. just shoot 30 secs. every morning – when they’re there, you’ll catch ..

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