Unknown lights hovering above Fresno, California 3-May-2014

Fresno UFOs
Interesting video of a strange bright unidentified flying objects hovering in the night sky above Fresno in California. This was taken on 3rd May 2014 around 9 pm.

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  1. that's funny but right at the end as it's turning it looks like it's getting red, which could be an airplane. and you don't sound that scared. also is this light in the sky, or is someone holding something on the ground a distance away and you are just moving the cam? you must give more details for us!

  2. He doesn't sound frightened and as there are no reference points anywhere, I think it's a hoax,Stop wasting my time.

  3. O;l freds wishing all my ufo spottin pals out there peace, joy, and time to enjoy the good things in life…. take time to smell the flowers folks…. God Bless.

    • Say now janet o'l freds got a interest in heading out to Colorado for the Wild Bill Hickok festival and museum. And did you folks know that o'l Bill had a meeting with the Pawnee Indians way back and them fellas showed him a thigh bone from a race of giants, the bone was from a race of humanoids 3 times the size of a man. Nephilim ? Check it out folks…..

  4. It's a plane, deliberately out of focus at first, then focused so it looks like it's changing, but he cuts it off just before it shows it's blinking navigation lights.

  5. come on give me a break nothing to it ,why so long focusing on the round light and pop there come some different lights fake better luck next time and by the way you don’t have to worry about them taking you away they would return you real fast duhhhhhhh

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