From Ghostbusters to Conehead – Dan Aykroyd Talks About UFOs

A Hollywood actor Dan Aykroyd has found it rather more comfortable chasing aliens than ghosts.

The former Ghostbusters actor, who had also played as an alien in a Hollywood film Conehead, was caught uncovering his latest and recent UFO scoops while in a Liquor Store in Attleboro, Bristol County, Massachusetts during an autograph signing.

Dan Aykroyd have been working on UFO and Aliens documentaries lately, like this one called Unplugged on UFO’s which is also available on

Dan Aykroyd

Dan revealed some of his web sources and literature content he got in his personal paranormal investigation. You can check websites he found like for the latest of his new found UFO and Alien stories. You may also look at for a book entitled Captured [Amazon link] that Dan characterized as one of the most clutching and fascinating case he read. The book was about the world’s first documented alien abduction that happened in New Hampshire in 1961.

The original and friendly cone head even mentioned to one of his fan a personal UFO encounter. He caught a sighting in Martha’s Vineyard of two objects that were flying closely together in a concord of 50 000 and 100 000 feet. To his estimate the objects were flying approximately at an extreme speed of 20 000 mph.

The volume of information Dan got, undeniably proves that the ghost buster has now metamorphosized into an alien buster. A new aspiring UFO hunter from Hollywood might soon be making headlines in the paranormal community. I wonder from which Hollywood film the next UFO enthusiast will be coming. Well, we might find another one soon.

Now when there is something strange in the neighborhood, you already know the guy to call. Dan Aykroyd!

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  1. Say now Dan this is o'l fred …. that's F.R.E.D. sausage…. and evy time I get to firing up the B.B.Q. I see sausage shape ufo's above my grill…. ain't that a coincidence.

  2. Dan, i love you for speaking out! and you are very casual about it, giving excellent examples of sightings and books to study. i've read Captured and it's just what he said. i wish i could've been there to see you. Louie from Trading Places ROCKS!!!

  3. I've seen Dan interviewed before about his experiences. He has had a number of personal experiences and because of those experiences his mind is open. That's the same way it came obout for me and I'm sure many of us here too.

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