Contact with Beings from Another World


What a wild roller coaster ride of alien abduction and self-exploration. This is as true an account as one could possibly give of such extraordinary experiences. Sherry describes what she endured being repeatedly abducted by ETs but there is an extremely positive outcome. Decades after the first abductions Sherry’s perception of her experience shifts. No longer seeing herself as a victim, she focuses on the positive aspects of what she was taught during her interactions with the ETs. Once she looked beyond the distortion created by her visceral fear, she was aware of the depth of knowledge that was being imparted to her. This knowledge, like the ETs, originated from higher vibrational realms. It was being given to her for the benefit of humanity. Sherry explains the “3 Important Things to Know”, which are concepts about which volumes of spiritual texts have been written.

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  1. These abductions make no sense. What actually is the purpose? Only a few people believe these people. Why would so called Aliens, who would presumably be more advanced than we are, bother with children and unknown powerless people to pass along messages of such import? Surely they would be smart enough to contact scientists or evn Celebrities to have their voices heard.
    I am not saying that this is a hoax per se, but are we being hoaxed by whatever entities are contacting people? Even the very elite will be taken in? i have no answers myself, only thousands of questions, which largely remain unanswered.

    • hi iceni. i understand your thousands of questions about aliens. i had them too, until i read the book Alien Dawn, by Colin Wilson. (2010)it talks of ufo abductions, crop circles, psychic connections and even a chapter on physics. it’s the best book i’ve read on aliens and why they could be here!

  2. Just hate the new website
    It was perfect as it was, and you can’t improve on perfection!
    Why, oh why, did you change things???

    • NOBODY has ANY seems like people have a mindset that-(if science can’t explain it-it doesn’t exist).well,there is SOOOO much going on around us,(that we cannot see with the naked eye-it is pathetic)..mere humans-don’t have a clue..we only use a small % of our brains..we can only see so much with our eyes..we are babes in the woods..

  3. First off o’l fred don’t think eating gooseberries is the right thing to keep a fella’s mind right. Next if these type e.t. fellas are e.t. they is no good kidnappin vermin who like to manipulate folks minds. Likely they come a dimension outside our own, not from another planet. Likely they’re evil entities no right thinkin folks should be playing with.

  4. i agree with Lisa, the new website is not as good as the other one. Something is missing in this new site

    • You know o’l fred thinks somthin is missing too,,, kinda like seeing a fellas facebook with no profile picture or cover page picture,,,, and nothin to grab o’l freds attention from the get go, like seeing the Mrs. bouncin on her trampoline while munchin on tater chips…..

  5. Say now you fellas needs to post a fine image of the southwest american sky over monument valley and such on your new site, then add some Charlie Daniels music soon as the site is opened…. add some color here fellas, o’l fred likes some excitement…..

  6. I agree with person below 100% !!!!
    I hate the new site. Please bring the old site back!!!

    Just hate the new website
    It was perfect as it was, and you can’t improve on perfection!
    Why, oh why, did you change things???

  7. i believe abductions are a real phenomena & the people who are experiencing them are genuine in there phenomenas regression therapies explain lots yet there supposed to be inconclusive ive read books on various aspects although its never happened in my life i believe the experiencers are telling of another dimension phenomena courage to them for being honest n open of there e.t visits & examinations .

  8. I have theoretical questions, which may or may not work.

    Is it possible that maybe some of these abductions may be attempts to reconnect with certain specific lineages already familiar to the ETs?

    In the event that we may just be “samples in a terrarium”, wouldn’t you be interested in following up on your work?

    Or in the event that they may have simply lost contact with friendlies, could they be attempting to reconnect?

    I have a few more, but I suppose this is a start.

  9. They say, Aliens do contact the persons who are keen to meet them. If it is true, why they have not contacted me so far? Can anybody, who is abducted repeatedly, pass on on this urge?

  10. reply to joes theories 1 7 2 i believe there could be some truth in ur 2 questions my friend good valid points too put across . i think along ur lines of the reconnecting to specific lineages which they have been experimenting on for centuries even longer .the 2nd question is interconnected with the first in many ways are these abductees just lab rats. for a new hybrid alien nation somewhere in there universe ?

  11. The new website is woeful to say the least I hope they kept a backup of the old one so they could bring it back again

  12. I dont understand this abductions cases, I do believe it could be possible but for all we know also is that she could be lying through her teeth.

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