The signs in the sky

Interesting TV show from TercerMilenio about the strange signs (UFOS) in the skies all around the world!

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  1. O’l fred can’t say if that’s a message sent from the good lord or some anomaly. But you folks might take a look at the Gospel of Mathew chapter 24, some good words of wisdom from the E.T. who became a man, gave himself over to his enemies to be beaten, tortured and crucified, to give you and me eternal life when these o’l bodies wear out. And you know it’s gonna take more than an eternity to see and know all the Great spirit of the universe has out there folks.

  2. Has anyone ever heard of a ‘mass hologram’? Perhaps some sort of sky anomaly? Why are so many sky oddities connected with some ‘god’ or HP?
    Consider this. How can a extremely large group of people be influenced at the same time…. by a strange celestial appearance? Whether by a government or off-world influence. Before you label me insane, just THINK about everything you see or hear & look into things to find out what the truth may be. Good luck!

    • You know that’s somethin to think about, with all the new tech now days don’t look over the possibility of some fellas projecting images onto the sky above to mess with folks minds….and when you folks is looking for ufos on a clear day keep an eye out for manufactured cloud trails behind all them jet aircraft, o’l fred ain’t no dummy and it ain’t nice to mess with mamma nature folks.

  3. As my pastor says, we are living in the end times, and to be sure, study the Bible and everything that is happening right now in the world, can be read in the Bible..The end times are have begun..So many things are happening and the public are not aware, or just does not care nor believe..I do believe, and it is frightening, and soothing at the same time, knowing that our Lord is coming, and evil ( satan ), will be put in his place and the world will be cleaned…

  4. I don’t speak Spaghetti! but its only Funny Gas leaking out of their Stupid Failed Soviet Nuclear Reactors !!..I think ??

    • Say now o’l fred don’t speak spaghetti either but he sure enjoys speakin Spanish and Italian along with a big plate of Italian or Mexican food.

  5. It could be the beginnings of operation blue beam. If you haven’t heard of it, do some research it makes for interesting reading.

  6. I think that that these signs are like the big company putting out “rumors” of a big lay off, 2 weeks before the big layoff. This way people don’t flip out when it happens. The truth is coming to all, very soon. These signs are to prepare those of us who believe. Or they’re just very good hoaxes and there’s nothing to worry about. LOL Time to choose though.

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