Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2014

Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2014 by

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early May 2014; bright UFO formation – Ogden, Utah

3rd May 2014; bright unknown lights – Fresno, California

5th May 2014; daytime UFOs – Newport Beach, California

5th May 2014; unknown objects – Leon, Mexico

16th May 2014; Russian Proton Rocket taken out by a UFO – Kazakhstan

25th May 2014; UFO photographed from a plane – London, UK

29th May 2014; bright UFOs – Tijuana, Mexico

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  1. If Obama can be elected President, then yes, we have UFO's. If Nancy I Pelosi can be elected into any office, then yes, we have some sort of living proof that UFO's exist!

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