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Your UFO reports: 24th May –  31th May 2014
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Los Angeles, California – 31 may 2014
I would like to share this incredibe capture of what I call “Conscious Colored Craft” which very much resembles a Heart. This is a significant sighting to date. Close review of detail and movements will show intelligent maneuvering. Below I have placed the Raw footage and the Motion Tracked footage.
Raw Footage —>
Motion Tracked —>

Jonathan Castro
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Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada – 30 May 2014

20 spacecraft above coquitlam. so happy I alway thought they where real. now have so many questions. Have no idea how always look like cloud. But got few shots with blue light. I and friend figure crafts where triangle shape and some round

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Melbourne, Victoria – 29th May 2014. Approximately 18:45.
My friend filmed a ufo last night in Melbourne Victoria 6:45 pm
Youtube video link:

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Los Angeles, CA – May 25, 2014
Here’s a new ufo captures I summoned this past weekend during our gathering in Los Angeles. I thought you might found this one interesting and wanted to submit for your review please.

UFO Summoned May 25, 2014 Los Angeles CA:

Robert Bingham
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Biel, Switzerland – 2nd May 2014 @ 1600 local

Taking pictures of cloud patterns for an art study using my iphone 4 and on looking through later came upon this image which I cannot explain.The image was loaded to Photoshop 12 but no manipulation has taken place,i have only changed it from Raw to Jpg to send it.

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Eugene, Oregon – 04-06-2014
YELLOW ORB above me just after meditating.
I had been meditating in our backyard hoping to make spiritual contact with the ‘Great Spirit’.
I was about to return inside the house when I looked back up in the sky to see this:
For quite a while, this yellow orb remained in the same general location above, drifting slightly to the northeast. It was a clear calm day, and if there were any wind, this yellow orb was not affected by any air movements.
I used a Nikon D3000 DSLR with a 55-200mm zoom lens at 200mm full zoom, and tried to capture video with a Sony HD camcorder, but the yellow orb was too hard to locate in the tiny monitor screen, so I only captured fragments of the yellow orb.

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Glagow City, Scotland – 21 03 2013 00:45
stange noise thats wot woke me look out seen nothing it was dark at the background then slowley it started to brighten up thats when i went for my phone,, looked out again there it was sitting a huge water tank object with a beam come from it thats when i took snaps off the object then gone in a flash sending some photos with the object and without plz get back to me and let me know what your thought is about the object thanks


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  1. W.T.Jones, those are water droplets. as you can see there is a rain cloud above you. Shahid: in the third picture we can see that you have taken it outside, in the fourth picture you've taken it behind glass. we can see the reflection of what appears to be your ceiling and some curtains.

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