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Dear readers of Latest UFO Sightings, today we’ve made a big step forward.

We moved your favourite UFO website to a new platform so it will work faster. We also changed the design and layout so it will be much easier to navigate.

We care a lot about your opinion so in order to give you the best user experience, please make a vote in a poll in the right sidebar and please leave a comment in the section below.

Your opinion?
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    • Ive just saw the vote, maybe the old site was your identity to the millions of visitors, I do like this layout but maybe its like changing your identity to others. Dont stop me going to the site though. I still think this is nice 🙂

  1. O’l fred kinda gets set in his ways, I like the old website, sometimes change ain’t necessarily a good thing fellas….

  2. Hello,
    I am a believer, and I love your site. I would like to see you have apps for you site thou. With phones, and tablets becoming as big as they are it would be good fit : ).

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWFUL!!!!!!! Gimme back the tried and true ORIGINAL WEBSITE!!!!!!! This one looks like a rehashed and harder-to-use YouTube contraption. If I wanna look up this info on YouTube I’ll GO to YouTube!

  4. Must admit I preferred it as it was but no doubt I will soon adapt. This is an excellent sight.Keep up the good work.I’ve been studying this subject for at least 50 years and do think major things will soon happen,(spiritualy) We are talking inter dimensions.

  5. I’m very interested in the UFO phenomenom, and I always look the
    videos, and I vote sometimes, fake +o- 5%, real +o- 90% not alien 5%.

  6. Definitely not better, it appears that it was changed to satisfy your advertizers and Google. The old site was an excellent site, nice and simple, the latest stories or videos went from the top of page down great content and graphics. The new one lacks color and graphics and I don’t want to load a toolbar and have more hidden crap in my browser along with Google. Had been going to your site for about 1 1/2 yrs at least a few times a week and daily for long stretches. If this is the new site I doubt I’ll be back.
    It went from simple cutting edge easy design, this is just bland and plain and designed for Google and your other advertizers.

  7. liked old site better. was easier to check out the latest videos posted by date.
    now it feels like i’m missing some of them.

  8. the old site looked better and was easier to view. This just looks like all the other sites and is not easy to view. Sorry I think it sucks and probably won’t visit much anymore eventhough I’ve been a regular viewer for a few years now. I loved the content and the easy page by page viewing of the old site. No improvement for me.

  9. At first I voted that I didn’t like it. But now having had a proper browse around and having got used to it quite quickly, I would like to change my vote !! It’s great. Much much quicker to load and very easy to use and navigate.

  10. I liked the old website better. I liked seeing the new articles printed in the center against an easier on the eye blue background. I liked also liked how the tabs were up top for the other sorted and time lined articles. Please return to old format, because I find this to be sort of unorganized and unappealing.

  11. I really like the new setup ! It is much cleaner and easier to see what you are doing or reading . The old site had way too many ad’s and it was to the place where I just did not come much as it was so annoying to try to do anything with all the ad’s as they were . I know you need ad’s to help pay for all of this but some site companies go way too far and make it were most will not use the site .

    Anyway I do really like the new site and I think you are heading in the correct direction in the way you are doing this.
    Thanks for the Site for us to come to and read and watch , it is really liked by many many people !


  12. the old website seem more dark and mysterious. this new site is too much in your face and looks more like any old newspaper page. it looks boring.the small thumbnail pics don’t look worth clicking on.

  13. I liked the old look better. I liked the blue because it made the site look different than all the other sites out there. The dates on the articles were posted and put on display was also helpful, now everyone has to search for everything. Please go back. I also liked the Latest UFO sightings LOGO with the blue, where is it now? Is this site now owned and operated by someone different?

  14. I think what makes this layout unfriendly to me is the white background.
    And the “LATEST POST” Should be bigger and dominant from the others section because it’s the section that most people look on each time they come.

  15. I like the old page better, more atractive, more exiting. Maybe the new one is more practical, but i dont get use to it

  16. the old site looked better / easy to use and not full of adds /plz go back to the old one .this site has been very cool for along time dont spoil it thanyou alice

  17. I think the admin of this web page is truly working hard in favor of
    his site, for the reason that here every stuff is
    quality based stuff.

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