Unknown lights over Orange County, California 18-Jun-2014

orange county ufos

New video of a bright unknown objects hovering in the night sky above Orange County in California. This was taken on 18th June 2014.

Witness report: we where on our way home from Irvine and saw this light in the sky then 2 then just the one …. we fallowed it all the way to dana point about 10 miles ,,, then we pulled over to get these crazy videos ,,,, I am not saying its an Alien but it is a UFO for sure ,,, there in mountain there, there is no reason for these lights…

Author (Justin Me @ youtube)

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  1. I saw one June 21 around 2:30am was taking my dog out to it duty ,when I happen to look up and see a red a blue lights flashing vertically and very stl did not move or make a sky d it was very quiet
    . Can’t seem to find reports o. It

  2. I have seen strange things since 1954.No grays,No beings,No landings.60 years.Maine-Florida.US NAVY-Army Guard both Hon.Abductions i dont think so.Mental Issues-Yes.Beings get off the mind blowing drugs.

  3. I saw lights like this 2 nights ago in madison, wi. First 2, one of which disappeared intermittently, then several single ones lined up like planes lining up to land, then another pair. All were orange, no flashing lights or sound like there would be with aircraft, all moving very slowly west to east, sometimes seeming almost stationary. Managed to take a few pics with my phone and zoom in on them. Surprised at the weird way they looked when got a closer look. Would like to post the pics but don’t know how. I’d like to know what people think.

  4. This is much better quality, these have been reported around the Santa Ana area (some also viewed it from the Irvine/Tustin Market and District shopping centers as well) quite a few times from other angles. I was looking them up after someone showed me the videos. First it was mistaken for the Irvine Park (the orange balloon ride) but it’s impossible because the reports claim multiple orange bright lights were seen and the ride doesn’t stay in the same spot long or disappear.

    These lights have been seen at different times over the last decade, from other cities so we tried to rule out if it could be a hoax or a drone. We couldn’t blame it on lights reflecting on clouds (we have seen those done as pranks to resemble something like laser lights) but this sighting seems to be completely legit whatever those things are.

    The speculation was it could have been lights from the mountain, but if you match the angles these lights are away from any mountains (even filmed from someone on the opposite of the 91 freeway) so we’re guessing it must have been above Santa Ana. It’s just to rule out it’s the balloon, a reflection or lights from a plane flying by because they stay in the same spot too long.

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